Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome to Nine Nights In New Orleans!

Once upon a time, there were nine naughty novelists. They were from all over the United States and Canada, and through the magic of the internet, they came together for blog hijinks, friendship, and more. They bonded over their shared love of wine, chocolate, shoes, and good books. But they had never been in the same place at once.

Oh, a few had met before their NNN days. Sometimes, at conferences and conventions, several had convened. But all nine? Never.

Until, one lucky weekend in New Orleans, it ... still didn't happen.

But we managed to get eight of nine in one spot, so we called it a noble effort.

Though we missed our absent sister dearly, New Orleans was an amazing time for the NNN. There was much walking and sightseeing. There were beignets and hurricanes and voodoo shops. Plans were made and projects were started. Copious amounts of writing occurred. Amazing food was consumed. Much laughter filled the air. There may have been wine involved.

There may have been a LOT of wine involved.

Somewhere in amongst the work and play and fun, we decided that we needed to write about New Orleans. "It'll be fun!" We drank some more wine. "We should all include three secret words! And post the stories to the blog!"

And so it happens that for the next nine ten weeks (including a brief break for Valentine's Day), we'll be sharing these stories with you. They may be sweet, sexy, spicy, or all of the above. There may be humor. There may be angst.

There may be wine.

And at the end of it all, the stories will be collected into one big ebook, and sold alongside our parodies.

We hope you enjoy our Nine Nights In New Orleans. Come by next week for the first of our offerings, No One Drinks Alone by Kelly Jamieson!

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