Friday, October 30, 2009

Nine Questions for Kate

Kate Tackles the Nine Naughty Questions:

1. If you had to choose only one form of chocolate for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ooh, tough question! I'd have to vote for hot. I would drink hot chocolate every day of the year, even in the dead of summer, if I could get away with it.

2. What author got you started reading or writing romance?

Literally, it was Lucy Monroe, who bounced over to me at my first-ever RWA meeting and encouraged me to give it a try. We were critique partners for a while until life and publishing got in the way, and now we're just great friends (though there's really no "just" about it). I fell in love with romance as a genre, after resisting for many years, thanks to Suzanne Brockmann. Back when I first started exploring the genre, I stumbled on an RWA Ten Best Books of the Year list. Suz was listed two or three times, and I remember thinking that no author deserved to be on there that many times. Clearly, her readers had stuffed the ballot box. So I ran out and got the books just to prove my theory correct. Of course, I was wrong. I absolutely fell in love with her writing, her characters, and romance as a whole, and haven't looked back since.

3. What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

Taking the Fifth, here. Let's just say that I live vicariously through my naughty characters. :)

4. What do you like best about the heroine in your latest book?

Sam is really wounded, but she never gives up. She fights her way past her fears and emotional scars to find her happy ending. I love that about her.
5. What is a must have in your writing routine?

Hmmm...very good question! With kids, a day job, and a very busy schedule, I don't actually have much of a writing routine. I tend to fit it in around all the other things that keep me running. I have found that when I've got a deadline staring me in the face, I do very well writing in the car. There have been times where my husband spends entire weekends shuttling me hither and yon while I type madly away in the passenger seat.

6. What was the most interesting thing you learned in researching your most recent release?

My most recent release is set at the rodeo, and I got the chance to go behind the scenes and interview the sports medicine pros who take care of the participants if there are injuries. It's amazing how much pain the riders will tolerate! I returned to the rodeo recently and actually saw the sports medicine team in action after a bullfighter was injured. He's since made a full recovery, but it was scary to see something very similar to what I'd written happen in real life.

7. You're marooned on a tropical island, what sexy celebrity and comfort reads would you want with you?

Can I pick two celebrities? Because I'm totally bringing Igor Dolgatschew and Dennis Grabosch from the German show Alles Was Zaehlt. (I know, you're saying "who?", but I'm a HUGE fan.) Bonus – depending on how long we're marooned, I might even learn some German! And my comfort read would have to be Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters series, because 1) I love to re-read them, and 2) there are eleventybillion titles in the series so they'd last me a while.

8. Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what's your favorite, or does it change from book to book?

I'm always in awe of writers who develop a soundtrack to write to, especially when it's made up of songs that relate to the characters/themes/plot of the book. Me, I'm not nearly that organized. So my "soundtrack" usually ends up being silence, the kids chattering, or whatever TV show is playing in the background. If I do pick songs to listen to while I write, they've either got to be instrumentals or in another language, because otherwise I'll end up singing along and getting totally distracted.

9. What's your favorite writing procrastination trick?

I'll let you know as soon as I'm done watching just one more video on YouTube.

And here's some info on my rodeo book...

The Devil Inside

It’ll take more than one go-round to win this rodeo of the heart…

Thirteen years after her father was killed in a rodeo accident, Samantha Quincannon is facing her worst nightmare. An EMT, she has avoided rodeo duty like the plague. Now her career depends on her ability to face down her fear.

Cody Shaw hasn’t seen Sam since the night of her father’s accident, and their reunion is anything but typical. So is her reaction when a bull ride gone wrong lands him, broke and bleeding, in her reluctant care. And, until he’s well enough to travel, in her bed. He knows he’s far from a model patient, but would it kill Sam not to act like she’d rather climb on a bull herself than have him underfoot?

On thing hasn’t changed—their off-the-charts sexual tension. They both put up a good fight, but soon the heat burns through their resistance.

Even as Sam fights to protect her heart from the one danger she didn’t see coming, something else becomes clear. Rodeo is in Cody’s blood, and nothing, not even Sam, can make him quit taking crazy risks.

It’s up to Sam to decide if she’s ready to put on her big-girl boots—and ride.

Warning: Lots of hot, sweaty, down-and-dirty lovin'. Cowgirl up!
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Meg Benjamin said...

Gee, it's really interesting to see you and Erin both have the same problem I do with music. I'm always so impressed by people who can listen and have a soundtrack. But I have my characters listen instead!

Kate Davies said...

Hey, that's an excellent compromise, Meg!

Laurie Ryan said...

Hey, I'm with you on the hot chocolate thing. I even keep candy canes year round to add just a hint of peppermint to my chocolate. Winter or summer, it's my afternoon "tea". Great blog, Kate!

PG Forte said...

You write in the car while it's moving? Okay, I'm impressed. I've written on planes, trains, buses and cruise ships, but moving cars...I'm getting queasy just thinking about it. erk.

Btw, slightly OT, but I loved your story about how this book got its title. :)

Kelly Jamieson said...

Your story sounds awesome Kate, I can't wait to read it! Love some hot cowboys and of course wounded characters overcoming their worst fears.

Erin Nicholas said...

There is no pleading the fifth here, Kate! Makes me think back to some of your books and think "wow, go Kate!" *G*
I love the cover for The Devil Inside! Almost as much as Tease Me, Please Me!

Kate Davies said...

Laurie! Another hot chocolate lover. Yay! I'll have to hold on to some candy canes this holiday season - sounds yummy!

Hey PG - it only works if I don't look at the screen. I get seriously carsick otherwise.

Thanks, Kelly! I'm working on a companion story now, so I'm loving the hot cowboys too!

And Erin, I love the cover for TDI as well! It's one of my favorites!