Friday, November 6, 2009

Nine Questions for Sydney!

Last but not least, right? ;) As I'm answering these, I'm finishing up my next book, entertaining my nightowl 8 month old and thinking I should totally have a whip to go with my kickass leather boots, no? :)

On to the questions:

1. If you had to choose only one form of chocolate for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I'd have to say Caramilk bars. You just can't go wrong with creamy, milk-chocolately goodness drenched in the ooey, gooey caramel. Yum!

2. What author got you started reading or writing romance?

I have a really clear memory of my mother handing me a copy of Judith McNaught's, Perfect, and telling me to give it a try. I'd been reading a lot of suspense books up until that point, some Anne Rice and Stephen King too. I'd dabbled in writing off and on before that, but once I finished that book and glommed up her backlist, I was sold on the genre. Although a lot of her books rely heavily on the "big misunderstanding" type conflicts, I adore them, especially her historicals.

3. What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

Well there is a light bondage scene in Enslaved and a steamy little shower scene in Primal Hunger. And that handcuff one in Unbreakable. Oh wait, the naughtiest thing I've done, not written? Hmmm, I guess that would be the time I @%^$#& %#@ &*(( #@$ #%$# @!%@ &*#.

Huh, wonder what's up with that weird formatting. ;)

4. What do you like best about the heroine in your latest book?

I love that Kennedy (Primal Hunger) isn't afraid to speak her mind or take a stand, whether that means pulling a water hose on her boss, or admitting she doesn't have all the answers and never letting that stop her from following her gut.

5. What is a must have in your writing routine?

Notes! I'm a plotter, so having something, whether it's a few lines of dialogue that came to me earlier, or a little behind-the-scenes description on a particular character's motivation, really helps keep me on track. Without some direction, I wander all over the place. Being a writer, I come across eccentric enough (with the voices and all) I really don't need to be sabotaging myself any further.

6. What was the most interesting thing you learned in researching your
most recent release?

Since much of my world building was inspired by Arthurian Legend, I've looked a lot of stuff up on the myths surrounding King Arthur. One of the things that surprised me was how many Knights of the Round Table have made appearances in the numerous tales written about King Arthur. From the portrayals in movies and the like, I always thought there were only a small handful of knights, not upwards of a hundred, as some authors have used in their stories.

7. You're marooned on a tropical island, what sexy celebrity and comfort
reads would you want with you?

Since I've just caught up on my Smallville episodes for this year, I'd be more than happy to be stranded with Tom Welling (Clark) and Justin Hartley (Oliver a.k.a Green Arrow). As for books, who would really be up for reading with them around? :) But since I'm craving a good romantic suspense/adventure at the moment, I'd love to have something of Karen Robbards with me, like Night Magic or Walking After Midnight.

8. Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what's your favorite, or does it change from book to book?

Unless I'm working on a really intense scene, I absolutely need music to write. Once upon a time that kind of distraction would have driven me insane. I think I'm just used to listening to something to help drown out the sounds of Sesame Street running in the background. LOL As for music, my playlists vary for each book, but there are some bands I tend to favor over others. Like Lifehouse. I LOVE their stuff.

9. What's your favorite writing procrastination trick?

I could probably have another book written by the time I finished listing the many, many ways I've avoided writing. It's practically it's own art form. LOL But if I had to give just one, I'd have to say reading. Lots and lots of reading.

And just before you go off in search of whatever you do to procrastinate, here's the blurb for latest release, Primal Hunger.

When the sun goes down, passion is unleashed.

Kennedy Beaumont loves her bartending job, even if her spirited nature sometimes gets her in trouble. Like threatening to hose down one of Pendragon’s co-owners. When it comes to Tristan, she could use a good hosing down, herself—maybe it’ll help her stop casting him as the star in her wickedest dreams. Since he goes out of his way to avoid her, it ought to be easy to put him out of her head—until he reluctantly offers her a ride home.
Gargoyle shape-shifter Tristan Callaghan hasn’t had time for anything other than recovering the mystical dagger that was used to permanently lock his brother in a prison of stone. The cat inside him should have stopped craving Kennedy’s touch long ago, but now that she’s sitting next to him in his car, his very human need for her is sharper than ever.

The distraction is costly. In a split second, Kennedy finds herself thrust into a dangerous, millennia-old hunt for Excalibur. A hunt that marks her for death—and leaves Tristan with a painful choice—sacrifice his family, his quest…or the one woman meant to be his.

Drop by my Website to read an excerpt and get a sneak peek at Chapter One!


Erin Nicholas said...

Ah, everyone has finally met all of the Naughty Nine!

Syd, You know what happens when that weird formatting crops up-- people fill in the blanks with their own imagination! *G*

And I have to say that I'm sleep deprived today because of you and Primal Hunger... but I don't mind!! Awesome!

PG Forte said...

Ah, another music lover! And, yes, Lifehouse is goood!

Meg Benjamin said...

Oh good, another plotter. I'm always having to explain myself to pantsers who are just sure that notes show you've got no imagination at all!

Kelly Jamieson said...

Plotter, pantser...I think I'm a plantser.

Caramilk is one of my favorite chocolates too! (Is that a Canuck chocolate bar?) Though I don't eat a lot of chocolate as I mentioned in my post, I'd rather eat potato chips, Halloween has just passed and I ate a whole bag of Caramilk bars before we got to give them out.

And I LOVED Judith McNaught's Perfect. What has happened to Judith, BTW? I haven't seen anything of hers for a while...?

Your books are in my TBR queue Sydney, can't wait to read them!

Skylar Kade said...

Yay Lifehouse! Good to know I'm not the only one who adores them. Got to meet them once... *squee*

Kelly, I'll join the pantser train. I can figure out what I'm doing tomorrow, let alone what I'll write in three weeks.

Sydney Somers said...

So, so glad you enjoyed it, Erin.

Lifehouse is AWESOME, PG. :)

If being a plotter means having no imagination, I really wish someone would pass that along to the voices in my head, Meg. LOL

Not sure if it's a Canadian one or not, Kelly, though I've heard that Aero definitely is and rather coveted beyond our borders. :)

I'm so envious that you got to meet them, Skylar. I'd LOVE to see them in concert.