Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WINNERS-- Kelly Jamieson Shoe Extravaganza

This past weekend we ran a little contest where we agreed to give a book away every time someone at the Emerald City Writer's Conference commented on Kelly Jamieson's shoes!! :)

Well, altogether we ended up with 20 shoe compliments!

So, if you commented here (we had 15 comments) then you get a... book!! You can pick from any book in the backlist of PG Forte, Erin Nicholas, Kelly Jamieson or Kate Davies!
Just contact the author of the book you want directly... you can find us by clicking on our pictures along the right hand side of the blog!

Thanks for playing!!

Erin, PG, Kelly and Kate


elaing8 said...

Thank you so much.

kog said...

Kelly - now I really like your shoes!

Thanks all for having this contest. It was fun and I am thrilled to win. Did you know that I've got six of your titles on my TBR list from the four of you??? Hard to choose!

Kelly - look for an email from me. After taking way too long to decide, I picked one of your books.

daydrmzzz said...

Thanks so much ladies it was fun playing with you all and I'm happy you had a fun and very productive trip :D

June M. said...

Thank you all! After careful consideration, and adding even more to my TBR list, I sent an email to Erin Nicholas. Thank you so much.

Maria said...

WooHoo....Thanks so much!

Eva's Flowers said...

Awww...that's so awesome of you ladies!! As I mentioned in my posting, I love, love shoes, thought I don't have as many heels as I would like, but the ones I do, when I wear them, they make me feel sexy ;) Thanks so much, email coming shortly for Kate...