Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Guest Blogger Gia Dawn - A Funny Thing Happened While I was Desperate to Make my Deadline

Are you ever too much in your head? So tunnel-visioned on a task that you see it everywhere around you? Concentrating on a project that takes up all your time and energy and leaves nothing left over for other important day to day events?

I recently finished A Roar of Thunder, the 5th in my Red Masks series for Ellora’s Cave, and the last few days had me working non-stop to make my deadline. And as a result, some very interesting things occurred in my normal daily routine.

The first happened when I was walking the dogs and came around a bend to see one of those big orange warning signs in the middle of the road that said FLAGGER AHEAD. Well, A Roar of Thunder is a BDSM themed book and my mind was so filled with whips and chains and other kinky implements that I stopped dead in my tracks and stood staring at a sign that my mind assured me said FLOGGER AHEAD! It actually took me several seconds to realize I was reading the sign wrong and there wasn’t an impromptu dungeon session going on in the middle of my staid suburban neighborhood. When I told my editor, she thought it was hilarious.

The second happened just after I sent in the finished work. My son is getting married on June 8th, and I am in charge of ordering the personalized napkins, etc. Now these things have processing time, you can’t just order one day and expect delivery the next. And while I had my list written down somewhere, I had completely forgotten the wedding was less than 5 weeks away.

That night I dreamed it was the day before the wedding and I had forgotten to order the wedding cake. I drove frantically from bakery to bakery begging anyone to make me a cake overnight, and crashing my car over and over in the parking lots as I tried to explain to my irate that I really was a good mother and didn’t mean to shirk my duties. The dream was so vivid when I woke up I actually had to ask my husband if we were in charge of the wedding cake, which thankfully we weren’t.

Normally my worst nightmares involve zombies and serial killers, so hubby thought it was a hoot that this nightmare was of a completely different ilk. He asked me which one was worse, zombies or facing the wrath of my son. It was honestly a toss-up. I mean, sure zombies and psychotic serial killers are not my favorite things, but having my son that angry with me was an entirely new and terrifying experience—not to mention having to explain myself to his lovely bride-to-be. (She thought the dream was way too funny, and even enjoyed the flogging joke. One has to have a sense of humor when one is writing hot and heavy sex!)

So what about you? What funny things happened to you the last time you were trying to make an important deadline or finish a project that took up all your time? Stop by and let’s have a giggle together.

The latest release in my Red Masks series was Master of Silk, and here is the blurb.

Red Masks, Book Two

For the ladies of the Red Masks, pleasure waits behind every door…and no one is ever who they seem to be.

Physician by day, belly dancer by night, sensual beauty Isabella Seda keeps her two worlds strictly divided—until the arrival of Zayne Saladar, her exotically handsome, widowed new patient.

Unbeknownst to the good doctor, Zayne is also an avid fan of her dancing persona, Silk, and he invites her to a night of anonymous pleasure at the BDSM-heavy Red Mask Society, no questions asked. What he doesn’t reveal? That he’s secretly hoping for happily-ever-after.

After a night of thrilling sex, Dr. Seda is faced with an ethical dilemma. Should she keep her relationship with her new patient strictly professional—or give in to the passion sparking between them?

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Here is a quick history of my story as a writer: After several deaths in the family and a health scare of my own, I quit writing back in 2008 after releasing several titles with Samhain Publishing. When my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes--young adult onset--in May of this year, I did what any good mother would. Cried for several days and then went to check out the Brenda Novak Auction where I bid on, and won, a three chapter critique from Ellora’s Cave!! I pitched to the lovely Julie Naughton at the Readers and Writers weekend sponsored by Lori Foster and Duffy Brown in June, and voila, the Red Masks Series was born. The first in the series, A Taste of Winter, was released Nov, 2013 and the second in the series, Master of Silk was released March 2014.

I also want to state that the Brenda Novak’s Online Auction for Diabetes Research begins May 1st!! Go and check it out. It’s for a great cause and there are some fabulous things up for grabs!!!! http://brendanovak.auctionanything.com/



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Thank you so much for hosting me today! Looks like rain and storms here. Hope the weather where you are hasn't been too terrible these past few days, I know there have been some really nasty days in the Midwest! Gia

Gia Dawn said...

Another round of thanks to my hostesses of the blog! Have a great night, and enjoy the beautiful full moon. Gia