Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New from Erin Nicholas

Sapphire Falls Book 6

Hailey Conner has been driving Ty Bennett crazy for years. And vice versa. 
It’s kind of their thing. But Ty is ready to make their thing into something more. And he’s moved in next door to make it happen. 

But is he *really* ready? 

Ty loves the confident, sassy, sexy mayor’s Ice Queen act...because he loves making her melt. But he soon finds there’s more underneath all that frostiness. And things are about to come to a full boil...

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Free Read from Sydney Somers

Some Like it Hot...
Dr. Calypso Reed has a knack for finding lost treasures. On the hunt for a priceless medallion in the rainforests of Peru, Cal is determined that her first solo expedition be a success. Only she never counted on having hardheaded Nash McClure follow on her heels, or expected the dark presence she feels watching her, waiting.
Nash can’t get Cal out of his mind, or the night between them they never finished. Sent to watch out for her after her brother’s premonition, Nash is determined to find out whether his feelings for Cal run as deep as he fears. But can he keep Cal safe long enough to make her see how right they are for each other?
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Monday, August 17, 2015

A Getting Over It Prequel from Erin Nicholas

See where it all began between Hailey Conner and Ty Bennett! 

This is a novella that adds to the story in book six of the Sapphire Falls series, Getting Over It. 
You do *not* need to read this novella to enjoy the novel. This is strictly bonus content! 

It can be read before or after that book, but it is not a stand alone story. You've been warned :) 

Dear Reader, 

I knew from the first chapter of book one in the Sapphire Falls series that Hailey Conner was going to have a story. And I knew, as soon as I typed the words “Tyler Bennett is such an ass” that it would be with Tyler Bennett! Over the next five books and two novellas, their story developed and I realized that it was just as big as these two personalities. 

Before I typed one word of Getting Over It, their current day love story, I knew that there was more about their story that readers would want to know and I planned to write this novella about how it all started. 

All of this happens before you see them love, fight, laugh, cry and finally figure it out in Getting Over It. Even though I knew all of this happened in the past, I wrote the book first. And when it was all said and done, I realized that reading about their now and their future would make people even more curious about their past. So technically Getting to Her comes before Getting Over It, but it can definitely also be read after. 

Either way, I think you’ll agree that these two have worked hard to get to their happily ever after. 

One of the best surprises in life, in my opinion, is finding out there’s more to the story. 

Happy Reading! 

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