Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm out of town!

Yesterday, at 1 AM, I flew across the country, stopping off at Houston on my way from Los Angeles to Washington DC. True, I didn't sleep well. And on the second flight, the woman next to me wanted to talk while I wanted to read. But all things considered, it was a flawless flight. There were no delays, I didn't miss my connection, and they hadn't overbooked the flight. And on top of all that? I get to visit family I haven't seen in a year. Too long, I know, but I hate to travel, mostly because my past experiences have been awful.

Make me feel a little better about my travel woes--what was your worst vacation experience? Or, let me live vicariously, and tell me about your best trip!

Sorry to blog and run, but family calls!


PG Forte said...

Worst travel experience? Wow, that's hard. Let's see...there was the flight from Rio that got re-routed due to a storm and ended up taking so long someone died on the plane.

Or the time in Morocco where some random guy threatened to cut off my husband's hand (I think that was just hyperbole, however, so probably it doesn't count).

Or the cab driver in Spain who ripped us off to the tune of several hundred dollars--then went out and partied, at our expense, with several of the cops who'd helped him strong arm us--nice!

Or the tour guide in India who absolutely refused to take us where we wanted to go.

The night in Pisa when we couldn't find a hotel and had to sleep under the tower...oh, wait, that was kinda fun, come to think of it.

Really, the list is endless. lol!

I love travel but, yeah, sometimes things go wrong. Those are the times that often make the best stories though! And nothing says souvenir quite like a good story. :)

Skylar Kade said...

Wow, PG, that makes my trips seem like, well, vacation!

Skylar Kade said...

Wow, PG, that makes my trips seem like, well, vacation!

Meg Benjamin said...

Okay, PG, you've got me beat. I was going to whine about my rough flight to Charleston, but now I think I'll just go sit in a corner.

Kelly Jamieson said...

PG you are such a world traveler!

Here's my worst trip. It was spring break and my kids were about 14 and 16. We went to Puerto Plata DR. My hubs was too busy to come so the 3 of us went. Beautiful one week 5 star all inclusive resort. Mid-week we decided to go snorkeling. The boat was to take us around to a nice shallow bay. The ocean was very rough that day, though nice and sunny, and within a few minutes several people were seasick and throwing up over the side of the boat. Including my son.

We got there and it was too rough to go close to shore, so they parked (Um not right word I know) and we all went over the side of the boat with our snorkels. Very beautiful colorful fish, but I was afraid to put my face in the water because I didn't want to take my eyes off my kids in case they drowned while I was watching fish.

On our way back to the boat, my daughter said, "Something just scraped my arm." We got in the boat and she had been stung by a jellyfish. Her arm swelled up and she was in excruciating pain. I remained calm (on the outside). The tour guy put ice water on her arm, which is the worst thing you can do, we know now. Should have used salt water. Also, I had heard that if you pee on it, the ammonia helps. I begged my son to pee but he was too busy throwing up over the side of the boat and couldn't do it. My daughter started going into shock from the pain, all pale and shivery and shaking and crying so I made the boat take us right back to shore and we went to the hospital where they couldn't do anything anyway.

Fun, huh?

PG Forte said...

Sick kids and hospitals probably win the prize.

Debra St. John said...

We've had TWO trips (one out to Arizona, the other out to Colorado - both to visit the same branch of the family) where our luggage had been "lost" along the way.

Not fun. In both cases it took over 24 hours for it to appear.

Luckily we were staying with family who were able to provide some of the necessities to get us through until the luggage arrived.

The last time we flew, we strictly went carry-on. (This worked only because we were only staying for a long weekend.)

Skylar Kade said...

Wow, Kelly, that's a horrible trip! I was stung by a little jellyfish once, and that hurt bad enough.

Debra, one summer break from college, I'd checked three bags, and they lost ALL OF THEM. It was almost ten days before they returned to my door. I was supremely pissed--all my clothes were in there! I, too, try to avoid checking bags these days, especially because they're charging for it.