Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just Like That!

The Bradfords: Book Two (Just Like That) came out last Tuesday! This is Sam’s story and I loved writing this book. It was so fun developing Sam further after meeting him in Just Right and then finding just the right girl to handle him. Because, trust me, Sam’s a handful (oh, get your minds out of the gutter! J Besides, he’s MORE than a handful that way…)

I’ve posted several excerpts (my website, Samhain’s site, etc) but I have so many favorite scenes in this book that I thought maybe here I’d just post a few of my favorite snippets. Hope you enjoy!

~ ~ ~

“Not even one?”
“Are you sure?”
Danika sighed. “You don’t think I would know if I’d had an orgasm? Even one? Ever?”

~ ~ ~

“Speaking of words, just for the record, orgasm is one of my favorite words,” he said, to get her back on track.
She looked up at him from several inches below his six-foot-three-inch height. Her expression turned sly, her smile seemed seductive—if he didn’t know better. “What are some of your other favorite words?”
He pulled her in even closer, flattening his palm against the curve of her hip. “Sex,” he said gruffly. “Hard. Hot. Fast. Deep.”
Her lips parted and her breathing quickened. “Anything else?”
He dropped his voice. “Wet. Slow. Clitoris. Cock. More. Yes.”
She swallowed hard. “Good words,” she said just above a whisper.

~ ~ ~

“I think it’s like knitting.”
“Did you say knitting?”
She nodded.
“Oral sex is like knitting?” Sam repeated. “This I’ve got to hear.”

~ ~ ~

“Listen, if there are going to be any rules about Danika, I get to make them. And you are all going to abide by them.” Sam pointed to each of his friends, one at a time.
Dooley looked at Mac who looked at Kevin who looked at Dooley.
Mac spoke first. “You know us, Sam. We’re not exactly rule followers.”
He should have expected something like that. He pointed to Kevin. “He is. The Bible is full of rules. Especially the one about coveting your neighbor’s things, right Kev?”
Kevin shrugged. “She isn’t your wife and she isn’t your donkey so that one doesn’t apply here.”
He couldn’t believe this. He turned to Dooley. “Rule number one, no talking about her when I’m not around.”
“I thought rule number one was no ogling.”
“Fine.” Sam gritted his teeth. “No ogling. Then no talking about her.”
“What if we say nice things?” Dooley asked.
“No.” Sam glared at the guy who had once pretended to be his probation officer to get him out of a bad blind date. “Rule number three, no watching her leave a room.”
“Isn’t that kind of like ogling?” Mac asked, smirking.
Sam turned his scowl on the guy who had once driven with him sixteen hours straight so he could enter a poker tournament. “Next, no thinking about her after she is out of sight.”
“How will we know she’s out of sight if we can’t watch her leave?”
Sam gave up. These guys were great friends who knew him well. Which meant that this entire conversation was a huge waste of time. He grabbed Danika’s wrist and started for the door. “Time to go.”

~ ~ ~

Hope you’ll want to check out the rest of the fun scenes in this book! And the hot scenes. And the sweet scenes J. You can find Just Like That here:
Or more info, excerpts (and a CONTEST) here:

Thanks for reading!


Meg Benjamin said...

Oh Erin, what a great idea! Love these snippets. And congrats on Just Like That.

Kelly Jamieson said...

Snippets are great little teasers! Congrats on your new release!

Erin Nicholas said...

Thanks girls!!

PG Forte said...

This was such a fun book! And I think Dani makes a very good point with the knitting. ;)