Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love's Savage Contest

So for those who have been hiking the Himalayas for the past week, let me fill you in. Last week marked the debut of the second Nine Naughty Novelists serial, Love’s Savage Whiplash—a regency tale of mistaken identity, mismatched twins, pirates, highwaymen, and a smartass ward named Ward (my personal favorite). And because we want to raise the fun quotient as high as possible, we’re also adding a contest to the general mix.

So what, you might ask, is the point of said contest? What can you win if you join in? Well, first of all there’s a ten dollar gift card at the online bookstore of your choice, awarded every month. And then there’s the grand prize, arrived at when seven of the Naughty Nine were nodding off over early morning coffee at RT—a beautiful cover for your e-book reader (I’d link a picture here, but we’re going to give you a cover for whatever your e-book reader might be). Not only that, but it will be signed by all Nine Naughty Novelists. An autographed e-book reader cover. Be the first on your block!

And what, you might ask again, must one do to be eligible for said e-book reader and/or said gift certificates? Simplicity itself. Leave a comment on the serial chapters we post OR hie yourself to our brand new Facebook page (link will be found on the column to the right) and quote your favorite line from the episode. That’s all. Random drawings will be held each month, with a grand drawing at the end of the serial. As I say, simplicity itself.

And in the spirit of Love’s Savage Whiplash, tell us your favorite regency tidbit. What’s your favorite regency romance and who’s your favorite regency author?


Jen B. said...

I love Sabrina Jeffries. As far as favorite Regency Tidbit, well I like the fact that this was the time period when women realized that corsets should not be worn all the time. I think I am getting the vapors just thinking about it!

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

My favourite real Regeny author is Jane Austen :-D And my favourite historical romance author who writes novels set in Regency period, let's see.. hm.. I love Lorraine Heath's series and Laura Lee Guhrke's Abandoned at the Altar series too (thiough that one is Edwardian). Quite a lot of authors and novels I love set in that time.

I like that time period because of society's restraints: love how a simple look, the barest of touches could mean so much :-))

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