Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to catch the Christmas spirit

So there’s no snow here. Which is a bit unusual—and fantastic in my opinion.

Now, I like the coziness of being inside by the fire during a snowstorm as much as the next person. And I certainly agree that the fields and trees covered by snow can be a beautiful sight. Yes, it seems more Christmas-y with snow. BUT, I have not yet gotten brave enough to quit my “day job” and write full time from home so I do have to deal with slick roads, scraping windows and my toes getting cold walking to and from the car to my work building, grocery store, kids’ school, etc.

Up until right about now, no one here has complained. I live in Iowa. Snow is going to come and long outstay its welcome whenever it shows up. So the longer we put it off, the better. But now there’s grumbling. “It’s almost Christmas.” “How am I going to get everything done, I’m just not in the spirit.” “It won’t feel like Christmas without snow.”

To that, I call bullshit.

Christmas is Christmas no matter what the grass looks like. I’m thinking that my buddies on the west coast manage to have Christmas every year without a flake. Is it really not Christmas in Mexico? Of course it is. Christmas is a feeling, a spirit and time of year that’s about how we feel and how we act and what we look forward to—not how it looks out our window.

So, I’m fine. More than fine. If it never snows again, I’m fine. (and yes, I also wonder why I live in a place where four- five months of cold and snow is common). But for all of those people who need a little boost to get their stockings hung, their candy canes bought and their gingerbread houses made, here are some suggestions:

Play Christmas music. I love it! I could listen from Oct to Feb seriously.

Get Christmas scented candles or Scentsy: the Christmas cottage scent has been in my scentsy pot since Nov 1 and it’s awesome.

Drink Peppermint White Mochas (or hot chocolates) from Starbucks. YUM! (or try Coffeemate’s Peppermint Mocha creamer—not a bad substitute at all!)

Watch Christmas movies. It’s A Wonderful Life is my favorite movie. Not just favorite Christmas movie but favorite movie of all time. ABC Family and Hallmark Channel also have lots of cute (a little cheesy, but come on) Christmas movies running now, esp on the weekends.

Read Christmas romances. There are LOTS! Kate, Kelly, PG, and Skylar all have Christmas stories out and so do tons of other wonderful authors.

SO, let’s help each other out here. Give us some Christmas-spirit-inducing ideas. What makes you feel the season? And give us recommendations for some Christmas romances! I’m starting my Christmas reading list this weekend.

And if you want to get in the mood for free¸I have two short stories on my website that are Christmas themed. They’re very short and sweet—nothing too sexy there (not enough word count ;)) but feel free to take a peek under the Fun Stuff tab at


daydrmzzz said...

I have a Clockwork Christmas on my reading list!!!! So i will be getting a big cup of Carmel Salted Apple cider and sitting down to read it. Karen Erickson has a new Xmas one out as well that I just picked up. Happy holiday reading and I will be sure to check out the free reads xoxoxo Happy Holidays.

PG Forte said...

"Drink Peppermint White Mochas" or gingerbread lattes. Mmm. I'm really craving the gingerbread this year. ;)