Friday, December 30, 2011

Out with the Old and in with the New

It's that time of year again when everyone looks toward the new year and the fresh start that kicks in every midnight on January 1st. This year though I've decided to set myself up for success. 2011 was both my worst and best year in a long time and to make sure 2012 is my best yet, I'm doing away with resolutions.

Every year I make the same ones, eat less junk, exercise every day, keep my house a little cleaner etc and usually by mid February my resolutions (like a lot of peoples) have gone right out the window.

So this year I'm making promises to myself instead. Okay, so a resolution is kind of like a promise, but I've never felt all that guilty about not following through on a resolution. But if I break a promise to myself then I'm letting myself down, and down is the absolute last place I plan to be in 2012.

My 2012 Promises

1. To focus on my writing and only my writing, and not get sucked into every social media trap online. Unless someone knows how to get Facebook to write my book for me...

2. To support my loved ones through all their ups and downs, as they did mine.

3. To see as many different places in 2012 as I can manage.

4. To laugh until my stomach feels like it will split in two as often as possible.

5. To love as fiercely as I can and hold tight to every moment that brings joy to my life.

So what about you? What promises are you making to yourself this New Years?


Kelly Jamieson said...

Those are great promises Syd, something we should all do!

And I think one place you should see is Chicago! Maybe in April!

Erin Nicholas said...

Ditto Kelly's comment about Chicago! And yeah, I think I'll just borrow your list-- fantastic!