Monday, January 2, 2012

New in 2011

So, I was going to post my top ten favorite things from 2011 but I couldn’t narrow it down to ten! Which is really cool if you think about it. I was thinking of songs, books, movies, tv shows, trips, people, etc. and well, 2011 was great! Way more than 10 in every category!

Except one. I do have ten in the category of “authors I’ve read for the first time”. Because of my own writing (and work and kids, etc.) I don’t have a ton of free reading time. I wish I did. I love to read. Like most writers, I started as a reader. And like all other readers, I love discovering new authors. However, because of my limited time, I do tend to go back to the same authors over and over and most of my favorites did have 2011 releases (including the other eight of the Naughty Nine—this is a tough group to keep up with!! :))

But I’m working on reading new authors. Not that I don’t want to read my favorites. I do and will. But I’m trying to branch out. And I’m happy to say that in 2011 I discovered some new authors, read some new books, even found a few I like :-). Of course, that complicates things further—now I have some new authors on my list of books I have to buy!
Authors I read for the first time in 2011 (they’re in no particular order and I’m not saying which I loved and which I didn’t ;-))

Cari Quinn
Julie James
Jill Shalvis
Victoria Dahl
MaryJanice Davidson
Jayne Rylon
Donna Kaufman
Courtney Milan
Lorelei James
Delilah Devlin

How about you? Who was new to you in 2011? Anyone on your list for 2012?

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