Monday, January 30, 2012

Five things I wish I'd learned about Twitter early on

1. Hashtags are a great way to spread your tweet to a targeted group--but #please don't #overuse #hashtags because that's #really #annoying! #socialmedia #socmed #tip

2. 3rd party management programs, like HootSuite, Seesmic, or Tweetdeck provide more versatility than the twitter website. You can keep track of your lists, hashtags you follow, AND your facebook profiles and pages, all from the same program. Also, these three have mobile app versions, so you can use your phone or tablet to keep up to date.

3. The Buffer app is a great way to not only ensure that you always have tweets going out (you pre-write and queue them up), but the program analyzes your follower activity and sends out your tweets at the optimal times. I like to use this as I'm going through my RSS feed and find interesting articles to share.
4. Put your link 25% of the way through your tweet, and you're more likely to get click-throughs. (Courtesy of Dan Zarella)
5. Follow the 80-20 rule: keep self-promotion to NO MORE than 20% of your outgoing tweets. The other 80% should be general interest information and conversation. This rule holds true for Facebook too.

What have you learned about Twitter that has optimized your usage and made you a more savvy tweeter?

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Kelly Jamieson said...

I love your tip #1 because I've discovered when I'm reading through Tweets that my eye tends to skip over the ones that are loaded with hashtags. On the other hand, I should make better use of hashtags.:-)

Another great post Skylar!