Monday, June 4, 2012

My Secret Identity

Since I’m in California this week and will be stopping by a few bookstores, I think the time has come to share a secret with you guys. Nothing deep and dark -- just your basic secret identity.

As Juniper Bell, you probably know what I write. Erotic romance, ménage, light BDSM (nothing hard-core). Explicit, sometimes intense, sometimes humorous, but always steamy stories centered on a sexual journey.

But that’s not all I write. As Jennifer Bernard, I write the Bachelor Firemen series -- contemporary romance about single, smoking hot firemen for Avon Books. These books are still sexy, but less graphic; instead of a primarily sexual focus, they follow the glorious and comical ups and downs of falling in love. Put it this way: while Juniper has more in common with Kelly and Skylar, Jennifer is more like Meg, Erin and Kate. I checked with my fellow Naughties and they don’t mind getting two-for-one – we don’t have to become the Ten NN (wait, that has a nice ring to it!)  

So why the two names? In some ways it makes life more complicated. Two Facebook pages, two Twitter accounts, two websites. But in other ways it makes things simpler. When you pick up a Juniper Bell book, you know exactly what to expect. (Well, not exactly, because every story is different – but roughly.) Likewise with Jennifer Bernard. If I wrote everything under the same name, you might be disappointed to find not a single ménage scene in one of my fireman books. Or you might be shocked to find that instead of romantic comedy you’re getting the word “cock” on every other page.

So it’s really for the sake of readers that I decided to do it this way. I love both identities and both genres. No matter what name I use, I’m always going to deliver a happy ending and a relationship between characters I love.

So there you have it: my secret identity, revealed.

The first two books in the Bachelor Firemen series -- THE FIREMAN WHO LOVED ME and HOT FOR FIREMAN -- are out now and the third, SEX AND THE SINGLE FIREMAN will be out in February of 2013. The books are available in paperback at your local Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and of course all the online bookstores as well (Kindle, Nook, etc.)  If you enjoy fun, sexy contemporary romance, I hope you'll check them out! 

Since Jennifer has only been published since April 24, she’s working hard to get the word out about her fireman books. ;-) If you happen to live in the Southern California area, I’ll be at Sunshine Books in Cypress on June 5 at 1:30. And if you call me Juniper, I promise I’ll answer.

If you’d like to check out Jennifer’s books, please stop by my website or Facebook page. I’m also on Twitter as @Jen_Bernard. 

Whew, that's done! I feel kind of naked, to tell you the truth. ;-) Hold me, Naughties!


Kate Davies said...

We've got you, Juniper/Jennifer! *hugs*

Congrats on your "coming out". :) So happy to know both of you!

PG Forte said...

Yes! Now we get to claim both of you. Go, Junifer...or do I mean Jenniper?

Erin Nicholas said...

Yay! She's out!!!

We love you both equally you know *hugs*

btw y'all-- I've read both firemen books and they're awesome! :)


Anonymous said...

Woot, Juniper, er Jennifer, aren't you the mysterious one?
Congrats on your new books, and your new identity.
Funny thing is I was browsing on Amazon the other day, saw BOTH of these books, and put them on my TBR list.
Now that I know who wrote them, they're headed straight for the top of that list.

Wishing you tons of happy sales.


Leah Braemel said...

Congratulations Juniper/Jennifer! Can't wait to read your firemen!

Leah Braemel said...
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sami lee said...

I too looked at these books with interest even before I knew. Great covers! Best of luck J/J!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for all the support, you guys!! Jess and Sami, that's so cool that you'd already seen the covers. I love those covers madly. And thanks for reading, Erin! Love ya! That goes for all of you! ;-)

Drmgrl99 - Dawn said...

I actually got to see Jennifer/Juniper this week!! So excited to actually be able to celebrate the release with her ;) And get signed books!! Xoxoxo