Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday 13: Music to our Ears

Music is the shorthand of emotion (Leo Tolstoy)

Ok, so we might have more than 13 here, strictly speaking. But here are the musicians, bands, and artists that we can't get enough of!
  1. The Fat Lady Sings and Runrig (Kate Davies): One Irish band, one Scottish, both
    remind me of my backpacking trip through Europe after college. (Kate Davies) 
  2. Zac Brown Band (Erin Nicholas)
  3. Adam Lambert (PG Forte)
  4. Lifehouse (Sydney Somers): A lot of their music has become theme songs for particular books I was working on at the time. Can't wait to listen to their upcoming album. (Skylar agrees!!)
  5. Toby Keith (Kinsey Holley)
  6. James McMurtry and Joe Ely (Meg Benjamin): Both do great live shows and great recordings.
  7. Emmylou Harris (Meg Benjamin): I actually got to see her for the first time last summer.
  8. Florence and the Machine (Sydney Somers): Never Let Me Go has been getting lots of play time on my iPod.
  9. Fran Sinatra (Erin Nicholas)
  10. Gavin Rossdale (Skylar Kade): With or without Bush, he's got a killer voice
  11. Amadou and Mariam (Juniper Bell): They're a husband-wife team who met at the School for the Blind in Mali, got married, and proceeded to make the most gorgeous music -- in French.
  12. Leonard Cohen (Kinsey Holley)
  13. Keith Urban (PG Forte)
Share your favorite musician in the comments!

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Kristy Atkinson said...

Seether is awesome! FMLYHM is a good one for a BDSM novel ;)

Losing Your Memory - Ryan Star (fantastic song)

A Drop in the Ocean - Ron Pope (this is on repeat on my iPod)!

Kimberly Menozzi said...

Interesting variety on that list!

As for my favorite musician, that would be Italian singer/songwriter Samuele Bersani. (His voice makes me feel so good, even if I'm not entirely sure what he's saying on a word-for-word level.)

Lately I've been listening to Amanda Palmer a lot, though. She's delightfully "odd".

Happy TT!

Lexxx said...

Lately I've been into Rockabilly. Vinilla Von Bismarck has gotten some heavy rotation on my iPod.

Adelle Laudan said...

My favs right now are Ed Sheeran and Christina Perry. I'm also hooked on a couple of contestants on XFactor this year. Look up Ella Henderson if you get a chance. She's only 16 but holy doodle can she sing.
Fun list. Happy T13!