Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday 13: Worldly Escapes

Where in the world are the Nine Naughty Novelists? Right now, we're home drinking wine and/or writing (or convincing the family to leave us alone long enough to indulge in either pursuit) but given the chance, here's where we'd be instead:

Juniper's Jungle Tower hammock
  1. Kinsey Holley: London. Haven't seen many other spots on Earth, and I don't need to. I'd
    marry London if I could. (Maybe they'd put me on that show about people who
    fall in love with inanimate objects?)
  2. PG Forte:  I've been to too many places that I really loved. California, for sure. I'll take the whole state. Maybe Kinsey and I could have a double ceremony with London? 
  3. Kelly Jamieson: My backyard.
  4. Juniper Bell: In a hammock in the "Jungle Tower" on the Big Island of Hawaii.
  5. Erin Nicholas: Sappy, but my favorite place on earth is home with my husband and kids when we have nowhere to go and nothing to do. 
  6. Kate Davies: Prauge. It's been twenty-plus years since I've been there, so it may not be the same anymore. But back, it was so amazing. Old-school Europe, gorgeous, dripping with history. Loved it.
  7. Meg Benjamin: Morraine Park, which is in Rocky Mountain National Park. It is, without doubt, the most beautiful place I've ever seen. 
  8. Skylar Kade: The stacks of a really amazing library, where it smells like old books and you can forget that other people exist.
  9. PG Forte:  I really, really like Nice also. As someone on a train once told me, "Nice is nice. That's fun to say but a bitch to write."
  10. Santa Barbara, CA
    Kelly Jamieson: Santa Barbara, CA
  11. Kinsey Holley: I've a feeling that if I ever get to Sydney, it might make me cheat on London.
  12. Erin: If I need to pick a non-home place (I'm a homebody who loves to travel but
     loves to come home, like Kelly) then I'd pick Sedona. Wow, gorgeous. But I always love wherever I've most recently been ;)
  13. Skylar Kade: Mykonos, Greece. Beautiful hillside houses, blue blue water, and delicious Greek food. 
Mykonos, Greece

Where is your ultimate escape?


Kristy Atkinson said...

Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada is one of my favourite places on Earth. The other is The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia.

I'm happy anywhere there is lots of space and very few people (my family excluded).

Skylar Kade said...

Kristy, the seeing the Great Barrier Reef is definitely on my bucket list. Have you been yet--and do you have pictures??

Kristy Atkinson said...

Yes I've been a few times. I have a few underwater pictures and plenty of above water pics.