Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday 13: Essential Writing Tools

All of us have our own writing styles, but when it comes down to putting pen to paper (or words to screen) we rely on a pretty reliable set of writing tools:
  1. Erin Nicholas: I have to have my Scentsy pot and a different scent for every book. 
  2. Kate Davies: The Write or Die app helps me get out of edit mode and into "get it all on the page" mode. 
  3. Kelly Jamieson: Synonym Finder
  4. Meg Benjamin: My MacBook Air
  5. PG Forte: Laptop, pen and paper (cause they're always there)
  6. Skylar Kade: yWriter, an open-source writing software that has never steered me wrong! 
  7. Juniper Bell: My laptop is about it. Microsoft Word.
  8. Sydney Somers: Scrivener! Plot, organize and write all in one program.
  9. Erin Nicholas: At some point in every book, a spiral notebook with the spiral on top not the side :) and a pink (of course) gel pen. Yes, I'm serious. Okay, purple pens work too :)
  10. PG Forte and Juniper Bell: Google!
  11. Skylar Kade: Pilot G2 Pro pens (they write sooo smoothly) and a spiral notebook.
  12. Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for commiserating, brainstorming, and author promotion.
  13. The Nine Naughty Novelists Yahoo group--this is where all the fun behind-the-scenes work for the Nine happens. Yes, it is essential to writing!
What do you have to have when you write?


Kim B said...

Me? No one needs me? OMG! My heart is breaking!! I rank below pink gel pens and Yahoo groups? OK, pink gel pens I "get", but Yahoo groups? ;)

What do I have to have when I write??? Well, first let's start with me getting an imagination! lol!

Kelly Jamieson said...

Kim it goes without saying that we need YOU!