Friday, February 22, 2013

Flirty Friday - Medium Well

This excerpt is from Medium Well, Berkley InterMix, which was released last Tuesday. My hero and heroine work together (he’s the boss, she’s the assistant), and he’s been resisting her charms on ethical grounds. But even the most ethical guy can only resist for so long! And yes, I was thinking of Jensen Ackles when I described him.

Her grin faded as she stared. God, he was gorgeous! But she already knew that. His shoulders, his chest with the fine spray of golden hair, the tight muscles of his stomach. She knew he’d look like this. She’d always known.
“Gosh,” she whispered.

Oh, wonderful, Biddy! Gosh and golly, gee willikers, some pecs you got there, handsome!

His teeth flashed in the moonlight. “Just what I was thinking.”

She wet her lips, staring up at him. He was absolutely ready, judging by his arousal. Was she? What if she wasn’t right? What if he didn’t like having sex with her? What if? . . .

He leaned over her, pushing her down on the bed, the heat from his body radiating against her skin. "Biddy, if you change your mind now, I’m a dead man.”

From Medium Well, Berkley InterMix

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