Monday, February 4, 2013

I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips... and other important things you should know

I’m going to say right up front that the inspiration for this post was a post by author Delilah S. Dawson.  I read her blog post the other day and knew immediately it was worth repeating.  

You can find her whole post here:  

The Best Way to Help Your Favorite Author:

Please go read it… and buy one of her books while you’re there J

I think one of the reasons the post spoke to me was because I’m also a reader.  Obviously.  All  authors are readers.  And it hit me that I never did any of these things for my favorites before I was an author and really “got it”. 

In fact, I still don’t do it as much as I should.  For instance, Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  If you know me at all, you know that I’m a huge fan-girl of SEP.  Have been for YEARS.  I’ve read every one of her books more than once.  When people ask me who I read, she’s at the top of my list.  If I need a feel-good read, she’s my girl.  I’ve given her stars on Goodreads.  

BUT I haven’t reviewed her books, or posted Facebook posts about how much I love her, or Tweeted that one of her books just rocked my world.  I also don’t necessarily make a point of buying her book on release day, nor do I pre-order her books. I buy them all... just not necessarily on release day.  So, I'm not helping her hit the bestseller list.  Obviously, she makes it there without me :) but what if all of her readers though "oh, I'll get it eventually"?  She wouldn't be there without her readers.   I've also never written to her about how much she’s made me smile over the years. 

Why not?  

Because I'm a bad, bad reader! :)

Just kidding.  I buy her, I talk about her.  But I don't think about my efforts actually making a difference.  I don’t think about her needing all of that from me.  But you know what?  She does. 

All authors need readers to read their books.
How can you talk about something that you haven't read?  Exactly.  Adding a book to your To Read Goodreads shelf is great... but not as great as actually reading it, reviewing it, posting about it, talking about it... and hopefully convincing others to try it as well.

All writers need sales.  
That means buying their books.  

Not just borrowing them and definitely not downloading them for free...that's pirating (and another post for another time.  Just don't do it.  Please.).

Remember, sales allow writers to keep doing what they do best rather than going to a job at Pizza Ranch that takes time away from their keyboards.

All writers need good reviews and tweets and Facebook posts. 
This is how more readers find out about the author... and that's good for the readers and the writer alike.  I love nothing more than hearing about a new-to-me author from someone on Twitter, hitting the Buy button on my Kindle, and staying up all night long with a fabulous story I wouldn't have known about otherwise.

All writers need fan mail.
Whether you prefer to e-mail, tweet, Facebook post or maybe even send an actual letter or card (gasp! :)), authors LOVE to hear from readers.  I guarantee that telling an author that her/his story touched you, made you smile, kept you up all night, or kept you company is the  best way to get that writer back on their computer, writing a new book.

So, I’m going to try to make that all up to Susan.  I love her books.  I can’t put them down.  I love her heroes, I love her heroines more.  I think she writes endings better than almost anyone.  So… if you’re looking for a fun, contemporary read, please pick one of her books up!  My favorite is, and has always been, Heaven, Texas.  All the Chicago Stars books are wonderful, though.  And another all time favorite is Ain’t She Sweet.

You can find out all you need to know about her here:

Now, excuse me... I have a gushy fan-girl e-mail to send to one Ms. Phillips.

I hope you'll all consider doing the same for the authors you love!


Meg Benjamin said...

You tell 'em, sister. I try to remember to leave reviews on Goodreads, but I don't always get around to it. I'll try to do better, honest.

Sydney Somers said...

Great post, Erin! There are always one or two authors that I regularly squee about on Facebook etc but I read loads more really good books that I could be mentioning as well.

Kelly Jamieson said...

This is great and like you, I haven't done enough to show the love for my favourite authors! Gonna start now!

Kim B said...

I am feeling pretty good about myself right now. Thank you! lol!