Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Still Not In the Mood For Anything Serious

Yesterday was Tax Day, which means most of you (and most of us) need cheering up – so I’m going to do another post of happy happy silly silly.  (BTW – if you don’t do Tumblr you should really think about it. It’s full of the wild, the weird, the wonderful, the what the fuck. Ditto for Inside Amy Schumer.)

These pairs of taxidermied boxing squirrels, along with a third, unpictured one, went for $70,000 at auction

Inside Amy Schumer did an Aaron Sorkin parody starring the delectable Josh Charles, late of The Good Wife and star of Sports Night, the only Sorkin show I've ever liked (or even tolerated).  This thing is sublime perfection, the Platonic ideal of parody. If you've ever watched one episode of a Sorkin show--any Sorkin show, it doesn't matter which one--you will appreciate this.  (The clip is embedded in the article I've linked here; I think it's exclusive to Slate for the moment.)

April 5th was the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. Frances Bean has grown into a beauty. A beauty who attended Coachella fully clothed, which I find refreshingly archaic. (Yes, I'm old.) (Also, I was going to say something about the way her fiancée is dressed, and her fiancée in general, but then I remembered that I was 21 in 1985, so I don't get to make fun of the way young women dress or the men they find attractive (coughshoulderpadsBrettMichaelscough). And if you were 21 in the 60s or 70s, you don't get to snicker either.)
Tumblr can be deep:

From Tastefully Offensive


And deeply silly.
Y'all wouldn't believe how long I giggled about this.
Or maybe you would.
You know the joke about the medical bracelet that says "Delete my browser history"? I need the same thing, only it says "Delete my  Pictures folder."

And this one reminds me of RT!!!

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