Friday, December 4, 2009

I have the memory of a drunk, ditzy, nine-eight year old woman

I forgot my password on one of the websites I frequent. And I mean frequent. How does that happen? Well, for one thing-- see the title of this post!

I've taken all security warnings seriously and have different passwords on each site, with a combo of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, blah, blah, blah… and at least once a week I forget one of them. Which is actually pretty good—given my memory I would expect to forget one of them daily. At least. But it drives me nuts to type three attempts in, then get locked out, then have to get it sent to my e-mail account, then change it (to something I’ll forget three weeks from now). All to log in and find out that there’s nothing there I needed to see or do anything about anyway! *G* The thing that made today particularly frustrating was the fact that to get the password I had to answer a “secret question”… and I forgot that answer too! (Hey, I know the name of my hometown. I just couldn’t remember if I’d included the state or not when I’d imputed the answer. Honest!).

But, when one of my favorite websites wouldn’t recognize me it did get me thinking… fine, if I’m not me, who would I like to be? For one day?

And not a celebrity. Which heroine in which romance novel would I like to be for a day?

How fun is that?

There are a few ladies I wouldn't mind changing places with for a day. One that came to mind right away was Tamara Briggs. She’s the heroine in Erin McCarthy’s book Flat-Out Sexy. At least I'd switch spots with her for the first few chapters—like chapter two or so where she’s… well, maybe you’ll have to read it to find out! (psst… it involves a hot younger man and a whole lot of naked!) Or, I wouldn’t mind being Phoebe Somerville, from Susan Elizabeth Phillips’s It Had To Be You for a day or so (she’s loaded, gorgeous and has a hunky football player hanging out in her bedroom).

There are also a couple I would not want to be! I love reading about them--and totally admire them-- but no way, no how would I be Delanie Eastman in Cherry Adair’s Hide and Seek. She’s spending time with a drug lord who throws people into piranha tanks. Alive. Yeah, really not my scene (pun is kind-of intended!).

So, how about you all? Which romance heroine would you want to be for a day-- or two? Anybody you wouldn't want to be? Any heroines you'd invite over for coffee at least?

Okay, off to reset another password. Hope I can remember the name of my first grade teacher's cousin's uncle's cat!


Kelly Jamieson said...

I would like to be Faith Duffy from True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson. She was a former Playboy centerfold (blonde and gorgeous) has just been left a wealthy widow AND she owns a hockey team!!!! I LOVE hockey (and hockey players)!

Or I'd like to be Taylor Kincaid from Hot Ice by Cherry Adair- a beautiful, super-talented jewel thief traveling the world, going to glamorous parties. :-)

Erin, I totally relate about the passwords. I keep a small address book at my desk with all my passwords because I have so many I can never remember them all.

PG Forte said...

I wouldn't mind being Danya from Kelly's Sexpresso Night. At least for a little while--long enough for me to start missing the puppy...well, okay, that might take awhile, I guess. *sigh*

But, anyway, Carter is hot and sexy, he's his own boss and he has his own dungeon--seriously, what's not to like about that? Besides, I'd get to live in Santa Barbara, travel to South America, and never be out of coffee again.

I used to keep my passwords in a file on my computer-in code. Nowadays, I've just resigned myself to re-setting my password to some site or another at least once a week. I only have about half a dozen passwords I use, but couple that with my half-dozen+ email addys and the list of possible combinations is practically endless.

Meg Benjamin said...

Well, on the old "love the one you're with" principle, I wouldn't mind switching places with the heroine of the book I'm reading right now--Eloisa James's A Duke of Her Own. Eleanor is definitely my kinda gal!

On passwords, I admit that I rely on Safari's automatic fill-in feature probably more than I should. It makes it *so* easy to just click and go, but then when I'm on a different computer (as I was all last week), I suddenly have to remember everything.