Thursday, December 10, 2009

Scavenger Hunt Over at the Samhellion!

Throughout the month of December, the authors at the Samhellion are running a scavenger hunt! Click on the page graphic to the left to get there and read the rules, then start tracking down the Samhain holiday graphics. You can win an eBook from a Samhain author, or one of the grand prizes of a Sony eReader pocket edition or an Amazon Kindle 2 (they're giving away 2 each).

We'll be participating in the hunt at our own websites. Here's our schedule:

Hunt 2 (grand prize: Amazon Kindle 2) runs Dec. 11-17: Diane McEntire

Hunt 3 (grand prize: Amazon Kindle 2) runs Dec. 18 - 24: Skylar Kade, Erin Nicholas, Sydney Somers

Hunt 4 (grand prize: Sony eReader, pocket edition) runs Dec. 25 - 31: Kinsey Holley

Win an eBook from one of us, and hopefully an eReader as well!

But wait, there's more....

The Samhellion is also offering free reads almost every day throughout December and into January - it's a great opportunity to discover new authors and catch up with old friends - like characters whose creators haven't gotten around to writing their stories yet, maybe? ;)

Here's when you can catch our freebies:

Meg Benjamin's "Love and Scones" was posted in November, but you can still read it. Click on the link. It stars characters from her Konigsberg, Texas series.

Saturday Dec. 10 - Kinsey Holley, "The Last Christmas" (starring Nick and TJ)

Friday, Dec. 25 - Erin Nicholas, "For Real" (starring Tony, the sexy brother from No Matter What)

Saturday, Jan. 2 - Kelly Jamieson, "Love Me Tonight" (starring Gavin and Melina from "Love Me" and "Love Me More.")

Happy holiday reading...

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