Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fun with Food - D. McEntire

Midnight Reborn - The Watchers, Book One by D. McEntire

When Robyn turned from the microwave, the guys were all looking at her, smiling.

"What?" She asked, feeling a little uncomfortable at their sudden attention.

Rayne laughed. "Guess you don’t go much for rare meat, huh?"

Robyn bit the inside of her mouth so as not to laugh. "No, I’d rather my meat not squeal, say "ouch" or howl when I cut into it!"

They laughed and she retrieved her plate from the microwave, then yelped and dropped it on the counter, making everyone jump.

"Ow!" she cried, putting her fingers in her mouth. "I forgot to use the stupid pot holder!"
Hissing in pain, she ran to the sink and shoved her fingers under the cold water. Trigg stopped in the midst of putting the drinks on the table and walked over to her quickly.

"Here, let me see," he said as he reached for her hands.

"No, it’s okay. I just burned them. I’ll put some ice on them in a minute. You go ahead and eat before your food gets cold."

Robyn tried to smile up at him, but the pain on her face was evident.

Trigg didn’t wait for her permission. He turned off the water and looked at the blisters forming on the pads of her fingers where she had touched the hot plate. He stared into her eyes for a moment, then slowly raised her hand to his lips.

Robyn had no idea what was going to happen. Was he going to kiss it and make it better?

When Trigg opened his mouth and began to run his tongue over the burns, she thought her knees were going to buckle. The moist heat from his rough tongue invoked tingling sensations that coursed through her body and pooled in her lower belly.

Robyn realized this was turning her on, and from the look in Trigg’s eyes, he was there with her, or maybe even more so. They were glowing and showing a tint of red, but not fully red as they were last night when Vane had her against the wall in the kitchen.

Her breath caught at the look in his eyes—hunger and want. When he finished, he kissed her palm gently and slowly released her hand.

Trigg smiled at the astonished look on Robyn’s face. He could see in her eyes that there was something more, she wanted him. When she blinked, breaking the spell, he spoke.

"Your burns needed healing."

Robyn blinked again. "Wha-what?" She stammered as if she hadn’t realized he had spoken.

Trigg’s smile deepened. "Your burns needed healing. Our saliva has a healing agent, so I healed them." He watched as Robyn’s eyes seemed to refocus and he could see that the information finally sank in. Her face flushed as she thanked him before sidestepping him on the way to retrieve her plate from the counter.

Trigg handed her a potholder with a chuckle before she could repeat the incident.

When he turned and headed to his chair, he noticed Rayne and Vane staring at him with arched eyebrows and he scowled. He didn’t need either one of them reminding him that he was playing with fire. He was a vampire and she was a human. Nothing good would come out of a relationship between them.

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sherry said...

This sounds like a great book and I've added it to my TBB list which is growing bigger every day. Thanks for the wonderful excerpt.