Saturday, January 9, 2010

Naughty Nine Party on the 9th!!

It's time for our monthly party! Seems like it's cold everywhere so we thought it would be nice to have a pool party!

There's a swim up bar...

And someone serving drinks...

I'll have a margarita please, on the rocks!

We're giving away more books!

1. An ARC of Primal Attractionby Sydney Somers
2. Sea Change by PG Forte
3. a choice from Kelly Jamieson's back list (go to, some are in print, too)

Today the Naughty Nine share 3 things we wouldn't want our mother to know!


1. How old I was when I first had sex. Granted, that was a long, long time ago but I suspect she'd still be shocked if she knew.
2. How my son got that scar right next to his eye. There are some things I wish I didn't know. That's one of them.
3. How much I weigh. We've been playing the "yes, I still need to lose a few pounds" game ever since my daughter was born. But I think the actual number and the fact that it ain't never gonna happen might be too much for her.


1. I’ve written sex scenes that take place with the lights on using something other than the missionary position
2. Such scenes occasionally have some relevance to (ahem) personal experience
3. I have actually served roast beef without mashed potatoes and gravy, and my broccoli is bright green rather than moss colored. To date, the family has survived (okay, that’s four—sue me!)


1. I didn’t just try smoking, I smoked. Sort of. A long time ago.
2. I read those Playboy magazines stashed in her bedroom when she and Dad weren’t home.
3. I once found her partially-finished, hand-written romance novel manuscript under the cushions of the couch.


I made the mistake of taking a creative non-fiction class once. And letting my mom read my essays. So a lot of my "don’t-tell" secrets have already been spilled! But here are three:

1. That time I hitchhiked from Loch Lomond to Oban, Scotland, because the bus didn't show up as scheduled.
2. Exactly how late I stay up every night (I'd get in so much trouble for not getting enough sleep!).
3. The word my iPhone is now auto-completing.
(Of course, she'll probably read this, and I'll end up telling her anyway. Love you, Mom!)


1. How much like her I really am, and the older I get the more apparent it becomes. That's probably explains the increasing strands of gray hair popping up.
2. That I pretty much only get around to doing laundry when we're out of clean socks and underwear--much to my husband's dismay.
3. That I'll always, always prefer Harrison Ford to Robert Redford.


1. How many times I've lost my virginity
2. How high my Discover card balance really is
3. How many times I actually use "bad words" in a 24 hour period

1. My pen name (because then she could read my book!)

2. How much I know about sex toys

3. How much I regret not having a wilder youth

To enter the contest, just leave a comment below telling us something you wouldn't want your mother to know! We'll draw the winner Sunday morning.


Anonymous said...
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MJFredrick said...

My other nom de plume! And yeah, how high my Visa balance is. I live in fear I'll die and she'll find out.

Debby said...

I do reviews of erotica under another name. I would like to keep that secret.

debby236 at att dot net
Why is Edwina in Janpese or Chinese? Or is it just my computer?

Erin Nicholas said...

You don't read Chinese, Debby? lol I was wondering the same thing. I'll bet it's something juicy too ;)

Anonymous said...

editing erotic romance. and a not so conventional sex life. ;)

Beth said...

It's hard for me to keep much from my mom as she lives with me, but I definitely don't tell her how not so tame some of my reading really is. Example: I am currently reading Wolf Tales 9. She knows it's werewolves. But since she doesn't care for paranormal(other than angels) hiding my shapeshifters and vampires hotness is relatively easy.

Cathy M said...

I'm with Sydney, it's scary how like my Mom I am becoming as I grow older, plus I would rather she not get a really good look at my favorite's book shelf and all the erotic romances I have, lol.


Kinsey Holley said...

My sister told my mom that if she read the sex scenes in my book, she'd be sorry, and not to complain because we've warned her (my mom doesn't read romance and hates seeing sex in a book or movie - nothing beyond a chaste kiss. She would consider my book porn.)

Rayna's Everything blog said...

I translated Edwina and its chinese porn and spam. need to delete it.

I don't want my mom to know I got married at 19 and didn't tell her until I was 21 when we had a "real" wedding.

Anonymous said...

1) Anything about my sexuality, what I like, what I do, and who I do it with.
2) Where it is I go on the weekend.
3) That the bruises aren't necessarily accidental! :D

Kelly Jamieson said...

I love this stuff!

Patty D said...

How many "toys" I have.


Juniper Bell said...

Love the pool party! Speaking of pools ... I wouldn't want my mother to know I once had sex in a fancy hotel swimming pool during cocktail hour. ;)

sherry said...

I wouldn't want my mom to know how many erotic books I have. I don't want anyone in my family to know how much money I spend on books because I'd never hear the end of it from them.

zina said...

I selpt with a distant cousin when they came out to visit from Jersey, we were about 15-16.
Seawitch6464 said...

my mom desnt even want to know i had sex,even though i have 3 kids

givinga blow job, god i wouldnt want her to know that. she thinks reg sex is pervert much less that

jennifer said...

I wouldn't want my mom to know that I don't actually have bad cell-phone recp. where I live.I'm sorry but 5 hrs a day on the phone is just too much.

Armenia said...

Oh, this is so much fun!! And yes, I want a margarita on the rocks (ahem) served by that scrumptious looking waiter. *sigh*

3 things I don't want my mother to know:

1. what kind of preferred sex toy DH and I like
2. What kind of wild things I did when I went to Club Med by myself (of course, this was during my party gal days)
3. what kind of tatoo I want and the location. Geez, I made myself blush.

Meg Benjamin said...

Mercy! We are a thoroughly naughty bunch. Our moms would be so proud (or mine would, anyway).

J.K. Coi said...

Hand me a margarita too! Great blog, and I'm glad my mother doesn't know about it :)

I definitely wouldn't want her to know that I smoked while I was still in high school (although I've long since quit), and I definitely don't want her to know (or even think about) anything to do with my sex life.

Kelly Jamieson said...

Meg, my mom would be proud too! It was hard to come up with things that I think would have shocked her! She and my dad are gone, but I know they are somewhere reading my naughty books and going "that's my girl"!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want my mom to know that hubby and I did it in her house before we were married while she was sleeping in the next room!

Aurora Dawn said...

Well, let's see. I guess I probably wouldn't have told my Mom about the "friends with benefits" I had before I got married, but since she passed away a year and a half ago and I miss her a lot, right now I'd probably be willing to tell her a lot of things if I meant we could talk the way we used to.

Kelly Jamieson said...

Oh Aurora Dawn, I know just what you mean! I miss my mom!

Kinsey Holley said...

Blackroze: your mom and my mom sound alike.

My mom thinks oral sex is a perversion invented by hippies in 1967.

flchen1 said...

Yikes, I don't think I'd want my mother to know anything about my sex life or that I have one (and yes, we have three kids ;)). I also wouldn't be terrible comfortable swapping certain books from my stash with her :) And I wouldn't really care to share with her exactly how much I've spent on said books...

Erin Nicholas said...

Wow, what a fun party! You girls all showed up with your secrets! *G* My mom's kind of in the middle. She reads hot romance, including mine (and all of the Naughty Nine, by the way), but I think she and I both mentally distance me-her daughter and me-the writer! :)

Jane said...

I wouldn't want my mom to know that I've seen porn.

booklover0226 said...

That I read m/m novels and yaoi manga!

Tracey D

Kelly Jamieson said...

Okay here are the winners!

An ARC of Sydney's book coming soon Primal Atraction: Debby

Sea Change by PG Forte - Aurora

Choice from Kelly's backlist - blackroze37

Send us an email at to claim your prize!

Congrats all and thanks everyone who came by to share all those naughty secrets! This was so fun!

Anonymous said...


hotcha1 said...


hitonafarms said...

I love bondage!

Maia Strong said...

Sorry to have missed the party, but I have to comment:
1. That time I hitchhiked from Loch Lomond to Oban, Scotland, because the bus didn't show up as scheduled.
Kate, as long as there was sctoch at the end of the trip, it's all good! Mmm...Oban! ;)