Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fun with Food -- Excerpt Thursday

Yes, mother always told me not to play with my food, but I don't think this is what she had in mind...

Kelly Jamieson -- RIGGER, now available from Ellora’s Cave.

Their food arrived, the small plates like tiny works of art, perfectly arranged and garnished. “Which of this is raw?” she demanded, looking it over.
“It doesn’t matter,” Alek said. “You’re going to try them all.”
She clutched her chopsticks in her fist. “But…”
He gave her a look, square chin lifted, eyes intent, and she blinked. Loosened her hold on her chopsticks. And melted into her panties. She licked her lips and reached for a piece of sushi.
The spicy sauce warmed her mouth, the sesame seeds added a nutty taste to a delicious blend of shrimp, scallions and avocado.
“Do you like wasabi?” Alek asked, then popped a Dynamite roll into his mouth.
“I like a little. Too much clears my sinuses.”
He laughed, and picked up a morsel in his chopsticks. He was pretty dexterous with those things. He leaned toward her, holding out the food. She opened her mouth with a little twinge of fear at what she was about to consume.
It was delicious. Cream cheese, scallions and sesame seeds and several kinds of fish from what she could tell, so perfectly fresh it was sweet.
“It’s a Coral Reef,” he told her.
She swallowed and looked at him through her eyelashes. “It was raw, wasn’t it?”
He grinned. “Yup.”
She pressed her lips together as she decided which of the dishes she wanted to sample next. He reached over and tipped her chin up. “You liked it, didn’t you?”
She lifted her chin away from his hand and his smile widened. “Yes, all right, I liked it.”
“See. Trying new things can be fun.”
Her pussy clenched at the tone of his voice, rough and velvet like hemp rope rubbing over her skin.
Alek studied her intently, and she wanted to squirm, sure that he knew she was aroused, and from what? A few words from him. How could that be?

Kate Davies – Lessons in Love

She had chocolate on her upper lip.
It took every ounce of willpower Alex had not to reach across the little table and remove it for her. To take the tip of one finger and smooth it away—oh, God, to lick it off…
Alex shifted in his chair, thankful that Brynn was oblivious to the effect she had on him. She chattered away, cupping the stoneware mug in both hands, closing her eyes in delight as she sipped the hot drink.
He shouldn’t even be there. He should be in his office, reading over applications for the Laurivenia Trust. The annual ball was coming up in just a few weeks and he still hadn’t decided which projects were the most deserving of funding.
But he’d heard Brynn out in the hall, stomping and muttering, and he was up from his desk before he even realized what he was doing.
Alex picked up his own mug and took a sip. It was smooth and rich, the perfect comfort drink. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had hot chocolate. He was more likely to be served fancy espresso drinks. But as soon as they reached the empty kitchen, Brynn had insisted on preparing enough for both of them. She had puttered around the kitchen, plucking ingredients from the huge walk-in pantry, even sending Alex to fetch a container of cream from the industrial-sized refrigerator.
She was at ease in the kitchen, keeping up a running monologue while she whipped and stirred and blended. Her earlier embarrassment seemed to have faded, and Alex was glad. He enjoyed listening to her talk. They could have been any couple, hanging out in the kitchen after a night out.
Except he was the crown prince of Laurivenia and she was his daughter’s nanny.
He could stand it no longer.
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Erin Nicholas – Just Right

“You know that you don’t have a clitoris, right?”
Ben strolled into the kitchen where Sam was preparing grilled cheese sandwiches.
Sam turned away from the stove, an incredibly funny expression on his face. “Excuse me?”
Ben tossed him the bottle he’d found when looking for a towel in the bathroom. “Thought I should fill you in, just in case you were wondering why this stuff wasn’t working for you.”
Sam looked at the label that claimed the oil inside had a warming and arousing affect on the clitoris if applied prior to sexual activity. He grinned when he realized what it was. “Oh, it worked for me—indirectly.”
“Better than the leopard print panties?” Ben had also seen those in the lid-less shoebox in the cupboard under the sink.
Sam set the bottle on the counter and turned to flip the sandwich in the pan. “I do my best work when panties are not involved.”
Ben chuckled and grabbed a banana from the bunch on the counter. “So what is that collection?”
Sam shrugged. “Stuff people have left here.”
“People? As in, how many?” Ben bit off a huge hunk of banana.
Sam slid the golden sandwich onto the plate that already held two others. “However many are in there.”
“Three panties, a bra, a garter and the oil.”
“So, six,” Sam concluded.
“They were each from a different woman?” Ben asked.
“Probably. I don’t remember which is which anymore, though.”
“They didn’t ask for their underwear back the next time they were here?” Ben asked.
Sam shrugged again with a large grin as he added cheese to yet another piece of bread. “There’s no again around here. One night, that’s all they get.”
Ben shook his head and bit off another bite of banana. Wow. Sam certainly didn’t have any problems with getting too wrapped up in other people’s lives.
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PG Forte – Love, From A to Z

Pizza, I thought, had to be the most perfect food ever invented, although, admittedly, my experience, at present, wasn’t all that wide. And pizza and beer together--now that was surely an unbeatable combination.
“What do you call this stuff again?” I asked, picking a small, white blob off the top of my slice and popping it in my mouth. Creamy and warm with a distinct salt tang, I loved the way it melted on my tongue.
Zach smiled. “That’s Feta cheese. You like it?”
“Mmm.” It reminded me of sex. “And the green stuff underneath?”
“Pesto. Basil, garlic, olive oil...I don’t know what else.”
“It’s good.” Pesto tasted earthy and pungent. It reminded me of sex, too.
“Yep,” Zach sighed, sounding pretty content, himself. “Green pizza and red beer. It doesn’t get much better than that.”
Nodding agreement, I leaned down and retrieved my bottle from the floor. After taking a sip I smacked my lips. “Delicious.” But it was better than that; really. It was refreshing in a dark, vibrant, exciting sort of way; like a cool, wet, never-ending kiss...
Come to think of it, everything reminded me of sex just now, even the soft cheese that was layered beneath the pesto. Soft, stretchy, springy; it brought to mind the tender sac that held Zach’s balls.
I moved my foot a little, stretching my leg as far as it would reach, until my sole was pressed against the bulge at Zach’s crotch. I rubbed him with my heel, back and forth in a little semi-circle, testing to see how much of that soft springiness I could feel through the denim of his jeans.

“Hey.” Zach swatted at my foot. “Cut it out. Stop that.”

He looked amused, however, rather than annoyed, so I decided not to take him seriously. I scrunched up my toes and pressed harder. “Stop what?”
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