Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Reading Slump Is Over!

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to announce that my months'-long reading slump has finally ended. It's been a rough patch - up until this week, I'd finished maybe one published work in the past several months. Oh, I read, but not actual books. And it was really bothering me. I started book after book, which would then end up languishing on my nightstand or e-reader when I couldn't muster the enthusiasm to finish them.

By contrast, I've always been a prolific reader. Our local library hosts an adult winter reading contest, where you can fill out forms for every five books read and turn them in for entries to win prizes. Most years, I turn in multiple entry forms (even though I never, ever win). This year, I couldn't even fill out one form.

That's not to say I haven't been reading. But it hasn't been published books. So I'm thrilled to break that slump with some great reads. Loved the Meg Benjamin book I read, really enjoying the Erin Nicholas, looking forward to other books by the Naughty Nine on my TBR list. (And can I say how much I appreciate the fact that I haven't read a single stinker from the other nine? How lucky am I that the ladies I blog with are all great writers?)

Plus I've enjoyed books by Anah Crow, Laura Baumbach, Courtney's been great!

So what have you read recently that set your reading world on fire? Now that I'm on a roll again, I'd love recommendations!


June M. said...

I too am finally getting out of my reading slump. However, I still can't get into reading a historical romance book, unless it is an erotic one, lol. All I want to read are paranormals and steamy books!

Meg Benjamin said...

Thanks, sweetie! I'd highly recommend Take a Chance On Me, but you've already read that!

Laurie Ryan said...

I'm a slow reader year round, but I love to read so I keep plugging away at it. I'd highly recommend Kristina McMorris' Letters From Home (a WWII era story). It's wonderful. Right now I'm reading an anthology with a J.D. Robb story in it called "The Other Side". Each story is surprisingly different.

Kelly Jamieson said...

I like to read the Naughty Nine books too!