Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Told you so...

This blog post title could have easily been “PG Forte is wrong”. But I figured this would simply result in lots of e-mails clogging my inbox with evidence to the contrary. So, instead I’m just going to prove it. Yesterday I observed that I had nothing interesting to say. PG, bless her heart, claimed that I am actually interesting. I really appreciate her faith in me, but well… I think this blog post might just prove that I’m right.

Oh, and I failed in my quest to include metal chickens, ice cream, feral cats and butter all in the same blog post. I blame the cold medicine.

So, in lieu of actually creating my own blog post (seriously, the cold medicine is kicking in—not in a good way) I’ve decided to tell you what makes a blog post or website “interesting” in my opinion and give you examples.

Quick disclaimer: please keep in mind that for me “interesting” is synonymous with “weird” and “funny”.

Ok, here we go:

1. Metal chickens. That’s all I have to say. (thank you Kate Davies!) But you’ll agree with me when you read this:

2. A diagram of your family tree that looks like, well any shape *but* a tree:

3. Anything that proves camping is a bad idea:

4. Just being plain old *funny*:,18003/

5. Anything where people make me laugh about getting older, having kids or being married:

And, because at some point I’ll have to blog again and the chances of me being interesting are sadly slim, I’d love some other interesting/funny/weird blogs to check out!


PG Forte said...

Well I think you've come up with a very interesting post, which completely negates your argument, that you've proved me wrong. (am I sounding like MeanKitty now? Hmm. Interesting.)

Anyway, I was born in the year of the chicken (not the metal chicken, sadly, but that would have been really awesome if I had!) so, yes, I do always think I'm right. It's how we roosters roll. We're very cocky that way...okay, no more chicken jokes.

Also, there's that whole "something-something in Aquarius in my second house" thing, which apparently also means I always think I'm right. So, you know, I must be. It's all that positive thinking.

So...there's the metal chicken, people will just have to read your books if they want to get the ice cream (No Matter What) and butter (Just Like That) references.

You might be on your own w/ the feral cats, however. I only know about feral vampires. :P

Erin Nicholas said...

Hmm... I wasn't born in the year of the chicken and I'm not an aquarius yet I always think I'm right too. The Queen Syndrome I suppose. Was diagnosed at a young age. And there's no apparent treatment (my parents searched far and wide).

Metal chickens are just awesome. On someone else's front porch! Butter and ice cream are awesome. Cats are too-- and much better than feral camels!

PG Forte said...

I'm not an Aquarius, I'm a Pisces. (you read Waiting for the Big One, you should have caught on to that. lol!) The 'something' in Aquarius--Chiron, Mercury, the Moon, some other little planetoids--is in my second house.

You're a Capricorn, so if you were born around eightish in the morning, you might have the same aspect.

Totally agree about the feral camels. Still wanna use them in a serial story though. Ha! Now it's out there. The genie's out of the bottle...hmm. Genies and camels. I smell a Sheik Series. Guess we're just gonna have to vote on it.

Kelly Jamieson said...

Sheiks! Feral camels!! Yes!

And I too am in love with the metal chicken.

I'm a Libra. I used to think I was always right and then I had teenagers who destroyed that illusion.

daydrmzzz said...

Damn all this sign talk.. Well I'm a virgo ruled by Saturn and a tiger...rawrrr and this is something that makes sense to me right now lol it says my ruling hours are 3-5 am! Damn right I never sleep!
I love the genie idea and I thought it was feral Farting camels -lol
And I liked the chicken! Not on my porch but he was cute!