Friday, May 11, 2012

Where are my Pinterest newbies?

I know the Nine have been all atwitter (hehe, get it?) about Pinterest...but I also know there are a LOT of questions buzzing about it.

While I'm not on Pinterest yet, my evil alter ego is, and she's going to answer any questions you have about the platform!

Leave your q's in the comments. If you don't have any, PLEASE leave your Pinterest profile link so we can all follow your boards!


Meg Benjamin said...

Okay, I'll give you two: 1) Why should I get into Pinterest when I'm already doing both Twitter and Facebook (timesinks both), and 2) How do I get started (assuming I decide to let yet another timesink into my life)?

Cheryl McInnis said...

How do I make sure that I give proper credit when I'm repinning an item or picture? :)

Eden Bradley-Eve Berlin said...

OMG-you're not on Pinterest??? Just take a'll love it! There are puppies and jewelry and dream libraries, shoes and art and tattoos, recipes and gorgeous kitchens and misty gardens, hot men, hot women and OMG-stuff!
I'm here:

Kelly Jamieson said...

Here I am!
I have some lovely inspirational photos Meg! Come join us and see!

I quite like Pinterest, I find it an easy way to network and I'm very visual so I love looking at nice things.

Skylar Kade said...

Meg, Pinterest is an amazing time suck. If you're looking for a promo tool, this isn't the right network. But if you're looking to connect with your current network in a more casual, visual way--and still expand your network--it's great. Gather recipes, DIY tips, home decorating ideas, and more.

To start, get an invite. Anyone who is currently on Pinterest can email you one. They walk you through the first steps, and once you're all signed up, the basic steps are: find photos you want to keep and "pin" them to a board. You define the topic for each board, and to "pin" you hover over the photo and click the pin button in the top left corner.

Skylar Kade said...

Cheryl, when you're pinning from an original source, attribution is as easy as adding in that text. First, when you pin the item, add a link and as much attribution information as you can into the item description. For example, you could say "what a great idea! I'd love to decoupage my [xyz]. Idea found on [somebody's] site at [url]." Even better--if the source author is ON Pinterest, then follow them before pinning. THEN you can "tag" them, like you do on Twitter: @[pinner's name]. This way they'll receive an alert that you've mentioned them.

When you pin from a source, that photo will always lead back to its original site.

Caveat: Just because you give attribution doesn't mean you're "allowed" to pin an image. If you're asked to take it down, do so in a timely fashion. I've found, however, that people are flattered to have their images pinned, especially authors and DIY bloggers.

Jen said...

Mine is

Men and animals are the most popular pins I post.