Thursday, August 22, 2013

9 Things...we always have in our purses

Aside from ID, cell phones, money, know, the's what you'll always find us packing. In the comments, tell us what you'll never leave home without!

  1. Pen and a small notebook. Always. (Kinsey)
  2. I'm with Kinsey--I'm never without a pen. Sometimes, I end up writing on myself if I don't have paper. (Skylar)
  3. Gum, dental floss, and tiny one-use toothbrushes. I'm very into oral hygiene :) I breathe on people a lot during my typical work day.(Erin)
  4. Lip balm. In Colorado, you never travel without it. (Meg)
  5. Bandaid blister stick--it's a miracle. (Kelly)
  6. Hairbrush and deodorant. With those two things, I can make myself presentable even after a hike through the Alaskan wilderness. (Juniper)
  7. Extra jewelry for my piercings and a portable USB charger that doubles as a flashlight.(PG)
  8. Whatever random paper crap (receipts, coupons, handouts) was given to me by my husband and/or kids. (Kate)
  9. All over color stick. I love the ones from ELF--a quick swipe on lips/cheeks/eyes and I look semi-presentable. (Skylar)


Kinsey Holley said...

ELF is the awesome.

June M. said...

I always have pens. I have an obsession with them and have at least a couple in my purse at all times. Other than that, I always have some sort of pain medication. I have a bad back and also other pains/migraines/etc so I never leave home without muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory meds, pain meds, ect.

Skylar Kade said...

June, I stash Tylenol in my work desk, in my car, in hubby's car (yes, I know the heat isn't good for it), in all my work bags and purses. Headaches...ain't nobody got time for that!