Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday 13 (ok, 18): Our favorite words

Every time word choice comes up between readers or writers, it's usually about words we dislike (moist, anyone?). Today, we're doing the opposite and sharing the words we love. Whether it's the way they feel rolling off the tongue or the meaning behind the letters, these are the 13 words that top our favorite lists. What's your favorite word? Leave it in the comments!

  1. Incandescent (Skylar)
  2. Caress (Meg)
  3. Rococo (Kinsey)
  4. Inconceivable (Sydney)
  5. Stark (Juniper)
  6. Lush (Kelly)
  7. Mellifluous (Erin)
  8. Serendipitous (PG)
  9. Dirigible (Skylar)
  10. Iridescent (Meg)
  11. Jejune (Kinsey)
  12. Primal (Sydney)
  13. Gruesome (Juniper)
  14. Decadent (Erin)
  15. Luminous (Kelly)
  16. Preternatural (PG)
  17. Byzantine (Kinsey)
  18. Pentultimate (PG)

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Kim B said...

Subpoena (I teach this word - love it)