Thursday, August 15, 2013

August Pick Your Pleasure: The Sophie's Choice for Readers

Skylar, feeling particularly cruel this week, set us up for this decision: Would you rather ONLY read your 10 favorite books for the rest of your life, or never be able to reread a favorite again?

Meg: OMG what an awful choice! Maybe never be able to reread, but I'd be crying a lot.

Kate: You [Skylar] are an evil, evil woman. My Sophie's Choice would be never reread, all the while cursing you to the end of days.

PG: Oh, I'd reread. They'd have to be my favorite 10 books though, otherwise all bets are off.

Kinsey: I'd have to take the second option. Rereading the same 10 books forever sounds kind of like hell.

Kelly: I will also go with never reading favorite book again (easy for me because I don't have one favorite book!) :-)

Erin: I pick never reread. But I hope I know when this starts so I can reread it ONE more time!! :)

Juniper: I'd have to go with read new books. I read so many, to be restricted to only ten would drive me insane.

Sydney: I'm gonna have to go with never reread favorites, but at least that way I could find some new ones!

Skylar: I don't know what I'd do without re-reading... and we still get to write new books, right? And beta reading doesn't technically count as reading a book...right? 

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PG Forte said...

hey, I am taking full credit for being the first one to insist on the "we can still write new books" loophole. ;) I still mourn the loss of certain childhood favorites whose author/title I can no longer remember.

No rereading favorite books--that's a special kind of hell.