Friday, April 23, 2010

Social Networking (And my scream of terror)

In the last half hour on Twitter I saw a link to a post about how to use social networking as a writer, and then a post on how NOT to use social networking.

I know I have to use social networking. It’s the way of the world now, the way we communicate. I have a blog. I joined Facebook even though I didn’t really know what to do with it. A few old friends from high school found me. I figured out how to use Twitter even though it took a while for me to get it. (All these mini-conversations going on, how do you follow them? How do you know if someone replied to you? What’s the point of it?) Now there’s the whole “fan page” thing at Facebook. Apparently you aren’t supposed to use Facebook to promote your business. Well, since I do so little promoting on there, they haven’t outed me yet. But the other day I accidentally created a fan page. Sigh. Yes, I didn’t mean to do it. I was just trying to link Facebook and Twitter. I’ve already discovered how to link Goodreads to Twitter so everyone can see “what I’m reading now” and also lastfm, so everyone can know what my “loved tracks” are. It took me days to figure out how to link Facebook and Twitter; in the end it took a Google search and about three clicks of my mouse. But then I had this fan page. (I think). But I have no fans. And one of the big sins in the ‘how NOT to social network” bucket was sending people invitations to be your fan over and over. Eep. I don’t want to annoy people. I feel weird even asking someone to be my friend.

I know you’re supposed to Tweet and comment about things other than your new release, or your latest review; you’re supposed to interact with people. Be entertaining. But I’m not entertaining, I’m ordinary and boring.

I just went into Facebook and discovered I had 59 messages. Gah! What are all those? And how do people send them? Another piece of advice in the “how to use social networking” article: don’t avoid what you don’t understand. Gulp. I need lessons on Facebook. And being entertaining I think.
So if I try to be better at Facebook and I try to be more interesting, will you be my fan? Oh wait! It changed! You don’t have to be my fan now! You can just say you like me!!/pages/Kelly-Jamieson/113030128727964


Meg Benjamin said...

Ditto to everything! I find Facebook a little easier to do than the others because it doesn't have that character limit, but they all suck up time like a vampire. And saying you like somebody or want to be their friend (or want to "unfriend" them)--when did the Web become high school?

Debra St. John said...

Ah Kelly,

I am laughing really hard right now because I can totally relate to everything here. The whole social networking thing makes me go "HUH?" all the time!

Thanks for the post.

Kelly Jamieson said...

Oh yeah, Meg, I didn't even mention the time suck thing! Of course if I was more proficient at it I wouldn't waste as much time figuring things out, but it's so easy to procrastinate by checking Twitter and Facebook and maybe a few blogs...

Debra, good to hear you can relate!

Lilly said...

I like you.

Anonymous said...

I can usually hook everything up okay, but then I just look at the empty comment box and wonder what the heck I'm supposed to say. I think I'm assigning the whole social thing to the story characters.

You hooked your twitter to GoodReads and Lastfm? I think you have surpassed me in geekiness. I have some catching up to do :) Can you hook that stuff to Facebook too?

PG Forte said...

Don't avoid what you don't understand??? Oh, yeah, that's not the short route to online pariah status AT ALL. lol! I'll fan you...uh, be your fan? Whatever--you know what I mean. Lovin' the whole 'noun as verb' phenom. *g*

Here's my social media misstep of the week:

It has recently come to my attention that things I "like" or "share" or "comment on"(not to mention my re-tweets) are showing up on my FB profile page in such a way that people are getting the impression that I'm the original poster (ie the person who wrote the initial post. yeah, yeah, to me, a poster is still something you stick on your wall. sorry).

This has led to several puzzling email exchanges with people who think I'm: a) visiting the mouse, b) working on a new book (nope, sorry, still working on the 'old' one!), c) going to RT, d) having another birthday (that'd be the second in just under two months, so no), e) receiving an award (I wish), f) writing under an assumed name (or several, apparently) and g) raising guide dog puppies. Among various other fascinating things.

Hmm. Yes. Big Time Suck. Does my procrastinating little heart good.

Kelly Jamieson said...

Lilly I like you too :-)
Nara, I think you can link anything to anything, I'm just not sure exactly how. Most of these things are accidents for me.

PG, as always, you make me LOL!