Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday 13

For our inaugural Thursday 13, I humbly present my (current, at least) favorite 13 Internet videos, in some vague semblance of order from most loved on down:

1. The First 5 Seasons of Lost in 10 minutes

The Reduced Shakespeare Company specializes in boiling classics like Shakespeare, the Bible and Lost down to their essential elements. This vid includes an intro by Lindelof and Abrams. If, like me, you're struggling to get caught up before the end of the series, this video will be of no help whatsoever. It's a lot of fun, though.

2. The Supersizers Go Regency

This is actually a series of 6 videos, from the BBC series where a couple of very funny food critics spend a week dressing, living and eating in the manner of various historical periods. If you read Regency romances, you need to watch this:

3. Mike Rowe reading Tiger Woods' dirty texts

Doesn’t really need commentary, except to say I love Mike Rowe. Rowr.

4. A trailer for every Academy Award winning movie, ever:

5. Where the Wild Things Are (trailer)

I haven't seen the movie yet, and I know some people were disappointed, but this trailer is absolutely magical and I watch it constantly:

6. The 4:00 Inspection of the Queen's Life Guards

Despite the YouTube title, it's not the changing of the Queen's Life Guards - it's the 4:00 inspection. One day over a century ago, Queen Victoria passed through Horse Guards (which was, for many years, the HQ of the British military) and found the Queen's Life Guards either drunk and/or passed out. She was so angry she ordered that thenceforth, and for 100 years, there would be an inspection of the Guard at 4:00. It turned into a treasured institution, as things British are wont to do, and they still conduct the 4:00 inspection to this day.

Note: in London last week, I offered to clear a weekday from my sightseeing schedule and take Diva to the sights I thought she'd enjoy, namely the Tower and Horse Guards. But it would mean she'd have to miss a day at the camp in Surrey she was attending with her cousins, and she refused. She loved that camp, wouldn't miss a day of it. So we had to do the Tower and Horse Guards on Saturday. And as it turns out, there are no Guards on horses at the entrance to Horse Guards on the weekend. She was tired and cranky after doing the Tower and then being dragged through Trafalgar Square, partways up the Mall, and then down Whitehall to Horse Guards, only to get there and see guards, but no horses. "Mom! You made me walk five miles just to see a bunch of horse poop!"

But, as it turned out, they had a lovely museum, and we got to peak through a 2 way mirror to see into the stables, and the museum includes a replica of the stables with items of the Guards' uniforms which you can try on. So Diva did:

7. Adam Ant, Goody Two Shoes, from 1980something

This is why I love YouTube. People are archiving my youth. This is the original MTV video (disappointment warning: the video cuts off before the end. I can't find it in full length). After 25 years, I still love this song. And please note: emo boys weren't the first ones to wear lip gloss. Nor were eighties pop stars. I think it was David Bowie, actually...

8. Dramatic chipmunk

Yeah, I know, but it never fails to crack me up:

9. Behind the scenes of a porn soundtrack (ADULT CONTENT (DUH), NSFW)

I’ve included two videos from The Hub and I are addicted to this site:

10. Bea Arthur's Sex and the City parody

You MUST watch all the way to the end (if you're under 40 this might not mean so much to you):

11. The Evolution of Dance

This guy is amazing. You can never tell if a guy's a good dancer just by looking at him. But most of the time, you can tell if he's good in bed by watching him dance. Or so I've been told.

12. Three guys doing aerobics

More 80s cheese. What will future anthropologists make of Western civilization in the 80s? My favorite gossip blogger, Michael K of Dlisted, calls this "the out gay's version of learning how to walk."

13. A really, really good soccer game - watch till the end (ADULT CONTENT, NSFW):


Meg Benjamin said...

OMG, those Supersizers are hilarious! Plus the information adds a certain zing to the average Regency. I only wish somebody like Netflix would rent me entire episodes so I didn't have to watch it in seven minute segments.

Kate Davies said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing! I love the Academy Award trailer. So freaking true!