Thursday, May 27, 2010

13 Things People Seem To Think Are Good That Actually Aren't

That's a long title. Sure, I could have called it "13 Things Erin Doesn't Like", but the interesting thing about these particular items is that they are actually quite popular. I just can't figure out why! :) So, yeah, this is my opinion on things but well... I'll take any chance to share what I think about stuff! Feel free to disagree (and be wrong).

This is not in any particular order either-- except for number one!

1. Matthew McConaughy wearing a shirt (no explanation needed-- we've covered this topic before I believe?)

2. Kit Kat bars (generally cover something in chocolate and I'm a fan but these are a waste of cocoa beans)

3. The Twilight movie series ('nough said)

4. Lady Gaga’s music (this chic is really just trying too hard)

5. Remaking the Karate Kid (don't mess with a classic. Even if you are Will Smith's kid)

6. Putting raspberries in white chocolate cheesecake (raspberries are fruit, white chocolate cheesecake is dessert. Let's not mix these food groups okay? You don't put green beans on top of your ice cream do you? Exactly.)

7. Letting Glee cover Madonna songs (I love Glee. Seriously. But only Madonna should sing Madonna)

8. Putting meat of any kind on a stick and deep fat frying it (do I really need to explain this?)

9. Giving your precocious nine-year-old son “just because” as a reason not to do something (nine-year-old boys are programmed to think "just because.. her head might explode? Let's find out!")

10. Las Vegas (I don't have enough room here to explain this. Just trust me.)

11. Being mature enough to invite your fiance’s ex-girlfriend to your wedding (wasn't me but it was REALLY not a good idea-- especially when she looked better in her dress than the bride did in hers)

12. Getting up before seven on a Saturday morning (should be a law against it in fact)

13. Advertising a story as a romance when the main characters don't end up together (not cool, Nicholas Sparks, not cool)


Skylar Kade said...


I totally agree with this list. Especially number 1. And have you ever had a dark chocolate kit kat? It makes up for the waste-of-chocolate that is their normal version.


Meg Benjamin said...

I am so with you on #13--that's not a romance, people! And why does Sparks get reviewed (badly) while Queen Nora (who writes much better IMO) gets ignored?

PG Forte said...

OMG I love this list. Can we get it like...I dunno, carved into stone tablets or something? Freaking awesome.

Erin Nicholas said...

My favorite part of this post was searching through the pix of Matt and trying to decide which shirtless one to go with ;)

PG Forte said...

I think you should have had help with that. decisions, decisions... lol!

Kelly Jamieson said...

@ Meg- Because he is a man. And she is a woman. Statistics show men authors get reviewed more than female authors. So wrong.

Great list Erin!!

Erin Nicholas said...

Skylar-- I'll try it since one of my girls recommended it! But I'm skeptical :)
PG-- I promise to ask your opinion next time! That really was quite unfair of me huh? ;)
Kelly and Meg-- Nicholas Sparks is a rotten person. I've believed it since Message In A Bottle and he hasn't redeemed himself yet. The reviewers will probably like the new Karate Kid too.