Monday, May 31, 2010

To Grovel or Not To Grovel...

I know that it’s Memorial Day in the U.S., which means two things. One, there might not be too many people reading this :). Two, I need to at least mention what the day is really about. So, thank you, thank you to all the men and women who have and continue to serve to protect our country and our freedoms!!

But I do have a question that I hope at least a couple of people can help me answer. I’m just finishing up edits on my next book (Just Like That, June 15th from Samhain) and my editor and I are discussing the ending where the hero admits he was wrong. She and I like the ending as it is, but are wondering if he needs to grovel more :). He’s sorry, it’s obvious he’s finally figured it all out, but true to his personality he’s laid back about his apology. Lindsey commented that readers do love a hero that grovels! So that’s what I want to know. Should the hero have to really grovel when he’s screwed up and if so, how much? And what about the heroine? Can’t she go to him? Can the heroine grovel? Is it okay for no one to grovel?

That’s it. Short and sweet today. Just give me your opinion as a reader.

Unless you also want to share some of the best groveling scenes you can think of :) Some of my favorites are (not surprisingly) from Susan Elizabeth Phillips. In Nobody’s Baby But Mine the hero, Cal, majorly grovels! She not only writes strong alpha men who really know how to beg, but women who can hold a big-time grudge! Lady Be Good also has some good groveling in it. Do you have any favorites?

Hope everyone is having a fun, relaxing weekend! Thanks for taking time to weigh in! And if you're curious about we decide to end the book, you can check it out on June 15th from Samhain :)


PG Forte said...

You know, I think it really depends on a lot of factors--not the least of which is who did what to whom. Groveling is a very individual thing. lol!

That being said, I realize I don't really care for groveling all that much. Sometimes it works but more often it makes me question the unhealthy dynamic that exists between the characters.

Also, I think I first viewed Love Story at far too impressionable an age. Love means never having to say you're sorry. I'm not sure I ever understood what that meant, but I sure do believe it's true!

s7anna said...

I think if it was a well thought apology...grovelling wouldn't be necessary...PG brings up a good point about it not being a healthy aspect to the relationship.


Meg Benjamin said...

If the hero has been a major jerk at some point, groveling is in order--likewise, the heroine. And my favorite groveling is still Jerry Maguire. There's a reason "You had me at hello" has become a cliche. It worked so beautifully!