Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guest Blogger Nikki Duncan - An Escort's Insider Scoop

With us today is Nikki Duncan and the heroine from her upcoming print release SCENT OF PERSUASION with an interview on how she became an escort and a little hint of how it turned out for her.

Thanks for having us here, ladies. It’s always a good time, though I have to say Kami’s interview is nowhere near as naughty as her fellow escort Ava’s would be. She’s simply too refined for such bawdiness. Mostly. ;)

Nikki: Kami, thanks for spending time with me today. I’ll try not to ask anything too embarrassing.

Kami: No worries, Nikki. I’ve gotten over any shame or embarrassment.

Nikki: Well, in that case…

Kami: (laughing) I could be in trouble now.

Nikki: Maybe. I know your story, but tell us why you decided to leave the comfort of your life to be an escort. It’s not exactly a traditional transition.

Kami: Traditional is definitely NOT how I would define it.

Nikki: So why the change?

Kami: I needed answers. When I found Channing, my step brother who meant everything to me… (shuddering visibly as the memory clearly snaps back with clarity) Well, sparing the details, when I found him dead, I knew it wasn’t the suicide it looked like. When the cops wouldn’t listen, I decided to find the truth myself.

Nikki: That must have been tough, but how did you know it wasn’t a suicide?

Kami: I knew Channing. He stood by me, helped me through a rough time in my life. He was my best friend. Besides, people intending to kill themselves don’t plan their future hours before taking their life.

Nikki: No, I guess they wouldn’t. So, you gave up on the cops and started your own investigation. How did that lead you to Elegant Entertainment?

Kami: A few things. First, there was a contract by him he’d signed that I knew he was against. And the subject of the contract has proven to be worth killing over.

Nikki: Can you tell us about that?

Kami: Sorry, I promised not to talk about it. The FBI is still trying to tie up all the loose ends there.

Nikki: Understandable. So what else led you to EE?

Kami: The last person Channing had seen was a woman I tracked to EE. She was an escort he’d seen a few times, but by the time I got in at EE she was gone.

Nikki: She left?

Kami: To hear them tell it. I say they vanished her.

Nikki: Why? What could an escort get into that she’d need to disappear?

Kami: (smiling a knowing smile) A lot at Elegant Entertainment. I almost fell into the same sort of trouble.

Nikki: Tell us about that.

Kami: It was my first job. They sent me in as a date for a CEO during some fundraiser he was doing. Two things I avoid at all costs.

Nikki: But we’ll do amazing things for those we love.

Kami: Yeah, and Channing was worth it. Anyway, on that first night I was ordered to return with my date’s hair brush. Weird, but okay. As if there weren’t enough issues that stemmed from that, I actually liked this guy. A lot.

Nikki: I’d think that would make the job easier. I mean, you were essentially being paid to have sex with him, right?

Kami: I was, and thinking that would follow. But it wasn’t true for me. I wasn’t kidding when I said I avoided CEO types at all costs. Breck was the embodiment of that, and somehow, enjoying his touches made the act… I don’t know. It was easier, but not.

Nikki: Did the complications change as you spent more time with him? How did he handle it when you were assigned to other men?

Kami: I’m still waiting for the complications to get easier. The other men… They were never an issue because for Breck I embodied everything he wanted. No strings.

Nikki: I guess things weren’t what either of you expected.

Kami: That would be accurate.

Nikki: So when did you know he was different than the other CEO types you’ve known. He is different, isn’t he?

Kami: Oh yeah. I saw glimpses of differences from the beginning, but the defining moment was when I met his closest friend. He says that’s also the moment I shattered his hopes of no strings.

Nikki: And you guys worked together to find answers about Channing’s death?

Kami: Not that he really let me in on his plans, but I ended up with some closure. That’s the most important thing.

Nikki: Some closure?

Kami: Yeah. There’s still the bit about that contract that still lingers. I may never have those answers.

Nikki: You don’t sound upset by that.

Kami: I walked away from being an escort with answers, new best friends and a man to love. What’s to be upset about? Though, I am still holding out hope Breck’s team will find those answers before anyone else is hurt or killed.

Nikki: I wish them the best of luck. And thank you for spending your time with us.

Kami: Anytime.

To read all about Kami’s time as an escort, pre-order SCENT OF PERSUASION in print for $9.80, regularly $14.00 at Samhain Publishing. More buy links, including those for the eBook, can be found on Nikki’s website at http://www.nikkiduncan.com along with information on all her other books. Check them out!


Meg Benjamin said...

Hi Nikki, welcome to the Naughty Nine. Scent of Persuasion sounds intriguing!

Kelly Jamieson said...

Very cool interview, definitely a teaser for the book! Thanks for blogging with us Nikki!

Juniper Bell said...

Great character interview! Thank you Nikki and Kami for joining us here!

Nikki Duncan said...

Thanks for having me ladies. Sorry I'm just now getting here. I had a sick kid the last few days and work and family craziness on top of all that. We moms need assistants. lol

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