Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pack(ing) Rat

 Travelin' light is the only way to fly.
Travelin' light, just you and i.
We can go to paradise,
Maybe once, maybe twice.
Travelin' light is the only way to fly. 

J.J. Cale

I used to know how to travel light. Really light. Three weeks, three changes, one pair of shoes light. But those days are long gone. Now, instead of asking myself, "what can I leave out?" I'm more likely to find myself thinking, "what else can I bring?" I've been packing for next week's trip to LA. Today, after filling a suitcase with probably more clothes then I can wear in one week, I went shopping to fill in the gaps.

The thing is, however, I don't really enjoy traveling that way. I miss the backpack days. I don't want to feel like I should be changing two or three times a day, or wearing a completely different ensemble each and every night simply because I can. Or simply because I feel like justifying all the stuff I packed.

Tomorrow, I think I might take everything out and start over again from scratch.

But, in the meantime...I think I'll put on some classic travelin' music to help me relax.


Meg Benjamin said...

PG, sweetheart, you're the one with the complete costumes for all the events. It's because of you I'm packing masks and scarves and extra earrings. Do not wimp out on us now!

PG Forte said...

I think you must be confusing me with Kinsey, Meg. In fact I'm sure of it. lol! *ducks to avoid objects being thrown at head*

PG Forte said...

'sides, that's why I posted the song. "God" says I should travel light.

Kelly Jamieson said...

See the thing is, I never know what I'll FEEL like wearing when I get there. I can plan outfits for every day and every event, but then it'll be Friday afternoon and I'll be WISHING I had my pink pumps to wear that night. Or something else I didn't pack. So I just have to pack a few extra things :-)