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Love's Saveage Whiplash Chapter Six: The Ninja Most Naughty

In which Innocence is Plundered and the dire Threat of Ruination looms, and in which Jealousie rears its Head along with various and sundrie other Head-rearings

Colin gazed at the golden-locked goddess as a helpless, bound mouse might stare at a snake. She prowled in a circle around him, boldly scrutinizing his naked flesh. A profusion of blushes heated his body. He’d always been the sort to hide under the bedcovers while the other schoolboys played their naughty games. That is to say, he’d always assumed they were naughty as the rapscallions made the strangest sounds. He couldn’t help hearing even when he smothered his ears with both trembling hands and several feather pillows. And if certain shameful stirrings in his nether regions occurred, no one was ever the wiser.

But here, tied by his wrists in this faraway ship’s cabin, all hope of disguising his rampant response was gone. When the marauding maiden strolled to his backside, he stole a glance at his fleshly sword. Oh, the shame! That rascally rapier was fully unsheathed and blatantly exposed.

A slender white hand reached from behind his back and grasped his member. The naughty ninja purred. “Why, pirate, have you misplaced your peg leg or are you happy to see me?”

“What are you…why are you… that’s my private area!” Colin knew he ought to be outraged…shocked!...and yet, much to his surprise, a stealthy, rapturous anticipation seized him.

“Methinks you doth protest too much,” she said, her manner arch, her clever hands encircling his manhood.

The most astonishing sensations somersaulted through his manly muscle.

“I never…that is…Headmaster Sidebottom never…”

A sharp slap on his bottom brought him up short. “Who is this Sidebottom of whom you speak? Do I have a rival? If so, I regret to inform you that he is doomed to an early, likely watery grave. No one dares to challenge Quan-yin without paying the price with his blood.”

Suddenly she was before him, her cerulean eyes dark with some unnamed, powerful emotion. “You will be mine, pirate. I find myself strangely drawn to you. Is it those sweet brown orbs, wide with feigned innocence? Is it the taut muscles of your backside, or that dainty little hole that calls to me with such a sweet siren’s voice?”

Colin squawked as her hand hovered in the crease between his two rear globes. That utterance incited an even louder squawk from Pemberly, who fluttered with alarm.

“Awk!! Buttsecks, buttsecks!”

Both pirate and ninja ignored the feathered wing-flapper, a state of affairs which, sadly, was Pemberly’s eternal lot in life.

“What is this power you hold over me? Surely I can erase this nefarious Headmaster from your thoughts!” The masterful maiden swayed closer to him. Her scent, that of tropical flowers floating on the deep blue sea, enthralled him. Helpless before this envious enchantress, his lips drifted open. No sooner had they done so than her sweet mouth latched onto his as a limpet attaches itself to a ship’s keel. Oh, the lush flavor of those twin red cherries! Oh, the nip of sharp teeth on his bottom lip! Sweet, heedless madness overtook him. He daringly plunged his tongue into his fair invader’s mouth. Her taste was exotic and female, so different from the times he’d planted playful smooches on his childhood pup’s furry face.

A dizzying whirlpool of desire swept him off his feet, or would have if he hadn’t been securely fastened to the rafter. But what a delicious collapse it would have been! As it was, he bucked against his bonds, struggling to get closer to the tasty temptress. Soft pillows of flesh pressed against his bare chest. A cascade of heated sighs rose into the air. Lower down, something else rose into the air, defying Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Gravity, published in 1687.

The eager racehorse between his thighs reared and charged like a stallion held too long in the stables.
He groaned as a taunting fingernail scraped the length of his masculinity. “Did your so-called Headmaster render you harder than my ship’s figurehead?” She squeezed.

“No! Never!”

She cupped the quivering sacks of flesh dangling below said figurehead. “Did Sidebottom caress these jewels with soft kisses as I intend to do?”

“What? No!” Surely she must be mistaken. She couldn’t really intend to place her mouth…why, she’d have to kneel down…this couldn’t be occurring, it was untoward, it was bad ton, it was…oh my, it was impossibly, wondrously transporting.

A stream of nonsense words gushed from his mouth. Good Lord Almighty, had anything ever felt so good? Certainly not the few times his own hand had stolen between his legs during his nighttime tossings and turnings. Definitely not the many times he’d pressed his nether regions against his saddle horn. No, this was…this was…

“Oh sweeting, my luscious one, please, I beg of you, don’t stop that disgraceful thing you’re doing.”

“Dith-grathe-ful?” Her mouth filled with his turgid flesh, she frowned up at him.

“No one need ever know. What occurs in the Mizigumo shall never leave the Mizigumo. If I survive this sweet assault, I shall tell no one of the perverted delights you perpetrated on my person.”

“Perverted…” She rose to her feet, leaving his slick stick protruding into the empty air. “Do you expect me to believe no one has ever licked your love lance before? Lewdly laved your loins? Lavished whiplashes on your quivering limbs?”

“Awk! Quivering Limbs! Quivering Limbs!” Pemberly squawked.

“But how… who…is this sort of thing really done?”

“You play the innocent to perfection. Is this some devilish ploy to chase me away? I’ll not have it. No devious pirate tricks will keep me from mounting you. I will have you, be assured of that. I’ll have you begging for my touch, pleading for my lash, whimpering my name!”

“Yes!” Unbearable excitement filled Colin the way rum overflows a pirate’s tankard. “Yes! I beg you, on my knees if I could, please continue, and please, my sweet captor…”


“What is your true name, that I may adore it in words and deed?”


Quinn had never before felt quite so confused by a man. Was he a pirate or a romantic? An innocent or a devious mastermind? He touched something deep inside her, some fragment of vulnerability that had somehow survived her strange and brutal upbringing, the details of which would be revealed at a future moment. Fierce protectiveness battled with her lusty appetites. Untouched or no, this man with his charmingly artless utterances, his loyal bird, and his sensually intoxicating physique would belong to her. The only question was how, when, where, and would the bird ever shut up?

“You fascinate me, prisoner.”

“Me? But I’m naught but an ordinary du…pirate.”

“A dupirate?” Quinn tapped a throwing star against her teeth. That hurt, so she did it again. “Is that some fearsome new breed of marauding mariner?”

“I’m no marauder. And frankly, not much of a mariner. The seasickness, don’t you know.”

By God, he was enchanting. The combination of such hard, rippling muscles and such disarming naivete dismantled her not-so-maidenly defenses. She curled a lock of his black hair around her finger and cuddled her bosom against his naked chest. The quickening of his breath pleased her greatly. That, and the rigid rod knock-knocking at her loins as though pleading for entrance.

“Your true name, I beg you.” He gasped.

“You may call me…Quinn.”

By the Goddess O-Wata-Tsumi, had she just granted him leave to call him by her first name? The name that even now brought back such distant, tender memories, a mother’s voice calling Quinn… stop poking that possum, it’s quite dead. What was she doing? She was a battle-hardened survivor of the briney deep, a hellion in a man’s world who held her own and gave as good as she got, who lived her life in the service of no man, who wrote her own rules and damn the consequences. And yet this strange man had unmanned her.

Suddenly she could bear it no more. She tossed aside her belt, stripped off her breeches and shirt, and stood before him covered by nothing more than her curly golden mane. His beautiful brown eyes dropped down her body and stopped at her secret triangle of nirvana. How dare he look so…gobsmacked? Had he never seen a naked woman before? She fisted her hands on her hips in a fighting stance. “Am I not as beautiful as your precious Sidebottom?”

“No.” His voice sounded odd, perhaps a bit choked. “You’re nothing like, that is…”

“No matter.” In a move that had taken her sixteen months at the Eto-no Ninja Academy to master, she sprang into the air and wrapped her legs around his lean hips.

“Guh,” he said.

Goddess, he felt good between her thighs, all smooth sinew and bulging ridges. She licked the salt sweat from his neck, pausing at his wildly beating pulse. “I cannot wait another moment. I’m wild for you. You’ve turned me into a wicked wanton, and now I demand you satisfy me. Stick that beautiful velvet spike inside my channel.”

He made some vague thrusting movements. “But, I don’t see how, that is … are you sure I’ll fit? I’m quite large, in this state, and you…” The most endearing blush crept up his manly jaw.

She sighed. Clearly she would have to take charge of this situation. He was no ninja blessed with complete control over every muscle and limb. And she had immobilized his hands, after all. Not that such a trifle would have stopped her. Using the sleek, well-practiced muscles of her thighs, she lifted herself higher and placed the luscious lilac-hued lotus head of his man-stalk at the entrance to her lady parts. “Oh, Quinn,” he moaned. “I think I love you.”

“Yes, yes,” she said, impatiently. Words of love at a time like this? “Take me, you brawny buccaneer. Ram me hard. Plunder me, my piratical precious.”

Her words seemed to light a fire in the raven-haired sea robber. He thrust his weapon deep inside her womanly cavern, boldly breaching her fleshly ramparts. He bent his head to stab his tongue at her breasts, sending daggers of delight spearing through her nipples. Perhaps he wasn’t so innocent after all. Certainly, he was a quick learner. In less time than it took to say, “Avast, me hearties,” he was hammering away like a foremast jack, frigging her like a thirty-gun frigate, shivering her timbers like a broadside cannonade.

Hai!She screamed in Cantonese. “Yes. More. Don’t. Stop.”

Passion swept across her with the power of a China Sea squall. She flung her head from side to side, her yellow tresses whipping them both into a fine frenzy. His eyes had turned black with burning, smoldering, blazing lust. Caught in a riotous ripcurrent of ecstasy, she screamed her release in every obscure Oriental dialect she knew, though no words could ever describe the glorious rapture of their union. Never before had she plumbed such depths of delight. And in the penultimate moment of clarity just before the ultimate release, she knew, beyond doubting, that never before had her piratical pleasurer plumbed such depths of feminine…plumbing.

She’d stolen the irreplaceable flower of his innocence. Honor would demand its due.

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Jen B. said...

“Why, pirate, have you misplaced your peg leg or are you happy to see me?”

I think that about says it all! I can hardly wait for Lady Chastity's Lover...

Another great installment.

Ivelisse said...

"That rascally rapier was fully unsheathed and blatantly exposed."
I love that line lol

Jean P said...

“Do you expect me to believe no one has ever licked your love lance before? Lewdly laved your loins? Lavished whiplashes on your quivering limbs?”

That was another great excerpt.

Sherry said...

When the marauding maiden strolled to his backside, he stole a glance at his fleshly sword. Oh, the shame! That rascally rapier was fully unsheathed and blatantly exposed.

There was so many great lines that it was hard to choose just one.

elaing8 said...

Loved this chapter.
favorite lines
“Do you expect me to believe no one has ever licked your love lance before? Lewdly laved your loins? Lavished whiplashes on your quivering limbs?”