Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer=Party Time for Mommy

I love summer because there's no going to bed early for school the next day and no homework.

Yeah, Diva enjoys the no homework, no early bedtime thing. But not as much as I do. No fighting over homework, no fighting to get into the shower on time, no fighting to get out of the shower, no yelling about brushing her teeth, no yelling to pick up the towel, put the dirty clothes away, turn out the light...what? You don't have to yell at your daughter? No, it can't just be me...

But summer is so relaxing. I don't care if she gets to bed late and goes to museum camp tired. And you know what? I don't make her take a shower every day (though she does have to brush her teeth, which she thinks is just mean.) We can stay at the YMCA or an aunt's house till 10 o'clock on a weeknight, and weekends are wide open. I can throw her in the pool at the Y or an aunt's house for hours at a time while I write. (I write dirty, dirty sex scenes while Diva's at swim team practice.)

I told the Hub and Diva that this summer, I'm finishing a novella and a full length steampunk. Summer is writering time for Mommy, so find things to keep yourselves occupied, people.

My sister is a suburban soccer mom, and she really likes summer. This year, she told Monsters 2 and 3 (Diva is Monster 1) that she would not allow them to ruin her summer with their fighting (they're one year apart, and there's a lot of fighting.) She told them that if they spent another day fighting and yelling, she'd get in the car and drive away, and "you'll miss me terribly." (And Daddy would be plenty pissed off, but I guess she didn't include that.)

So of course, first day of summer vacation, they got into a huge fight. She put them each in their bedroom, gave them pencil and paper, and told them she wanted two paragraphs on what would happen if they persisted in their behavior.

Monster No. 2 wrote: "If me and my brother keep fighting we'll have to go to bed at five o'clock. This is a problem, because we don't eat dinner until six or six-thirty."

Monster No. 1 wrote: "If [Monster No. 2] keeps acting like this, we're going to have a very bad summer." I liked that - I'm an oldest child, and that's total oldest child behavior.

So this summer, Diva's swimming and going to Girl Scouts Camp and blowing shit up at museum camp, and Mommy's writing a werewolf novella and a steampunk novel, and Daddy's working--because Daddy owns his own shop and summer is his busiest time (poor Daddy.)

Happy summer!


PG Forte said...

lol! yeah, I always loved summers too. Having less stuff you *have* to do and less stuff you have to make your kids do is all good, IMO.

So, happy summer to you too!

daydrmzzz said...

I love the summer cause I'm the aunty that gets all the kids :) Not having kids of my own I get to do the fun stuff with them and bring them back all sugared up and cranky - lol No I never do that but I do get to be the cool aunt and I love it. I got nephew this weekend as a matter of fact - hello movies, art class, soccer practice and swimming.

Meg Benjamin said...

Oh yeah, I remember that kind of summer. Mostly I remember trying to come up with things for the boys to do so that I'd have at least a few hours to get my own work done!

Kelly Jamieson said...

I loved summers for those exact same reasons! No nagging about homework, no driving kids around from piano to tae kwon do to swimming to ballet. No nagging about piano practices or getting to bed on time. No making lunches every day. I still love summers but now my kids don't need nagging
so it's not so much different :-)

Get writing Kinsey! We want those books done!