Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Guest Blogger M J Fredrick- Soundtracks

Once upon a time, I chose to see the first Harry Potter movie a second time instead of going to see Ocean’s Eleven, which I really wanted to see (Clooney and all that). But from the minute the theme music began, I was instantly happy. I love that movie, the innocence of it, the visuals that came RIGHT OUT OF MY HEAD, and the music.

The other day a song came on the radio, not one I particularly loved. I think it was Van Halen or something. But in that instant, I was sixteen again, pressing through the crowd at the monthly Incarnate Word High School dance trying to reach the dance floor and flop about in real ‘80s style.

If I didn’t understand the associative power of music before, I learned it when I was writing one of my very first books (that I will eventually revise some day). I would sit out on the back patio with my stereo and the Hope Floats sound track and write in a notebook while my son splashed around in his little pool. It didn’t take long before the songs on that soundtrack would take me straight into the story.

I’ve done it several times since, including with my latest release, Something to Talk about. Making soundtracks is MUCH easier now with iTunes, of course. This soundtrack made me so happy to listen to. I still enjoy listening to it now, because it takes me back to the joy I felt writing this book.

Here’s the soundtrack I made:

Santa Monica--Everclear

Love You ‘til the End--PS I Love You soundtrack

Something to Talk About--Bonnie Raitt (duh)

More Time--PS I Love You soundtrack

Devil Town--Friday Night Lights soundtrack

No Other Love--PS I Love You soundtrack

Come Undone--Duran Duran (love scenes!)

The Story--Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack

If I Ever Leave This World Alive--PS I Love You soundtrack

Breathe--Michelle Branch

Rewind--PS I Love You Soundtrack


Chances Are--Vonda Shepherd and Robert Downey Jr.

Passionate Kisses--Mary Chapin Carpenter

Are you a person who associates music with events? What songs bring back good memories for you?

Here’s the blurb for Something to Talk About, available wherever ebooks are sold:

Taking chances is never easy--especially when the whole town is watching.

Ellie Morgan is trying to stay below the radar in a small town. Her break-up with her football coach boyfriend and growing interest in her best friend's
widower are grist to the local gossip mill. Her friendship with the local psychic and the return of her prodigal mother are the cherries on the cake.

Add a meddling preacher, a water-loving dog and a man trying to shake off his past, and Ellie's got more than enough on her plate in her quest for


daydrmzzz said...

I love music and yes there are songs that bring back memories that make me smile or laugh and there are other that can bring me straight to tears. Eric Clapton's Tears in heaven is one of those songs for me.
You have a great soundtrack going on here. I still have some old tapes and CDS that old boyfriends made me when I was young I just loved mixed tapes :) Cover looks great.

MJFredrick said...

Oh, Tears and Heaven makes me cry every time!

Thanks, daydrmzzz (what a great handle, btw!) How sweet you still have those mixed tapes!

MJFredrick said...

Thanks to the Nine for having me here today!

Meg Benjamin said...

Hey MJ, welcome! I make soundtracks tool, but I can't listen to music while I'm writing so they're sort of retroactive.

MJFredrick said...

Meg, the first few times I get distracted, but after playing it a bit, I can tune it out. And if I listen on the way to work, it helps me brainstorm, keep my head in the story.

PG Forte said...

Yes! Nothing works as well as music for getting me in the right mood for a story. It's even more important than picking the right coffee mug--and, believe me, that's very important!

Writing is so much easier when I have the right music pushing things along...which explains all the problems I've had with certain books. I just can't find the right music for them.

Great post. Thanks for joining us today!

Kelly Jamieson said...

Welcome back to the Naughty Nine, MJ!! I love music and certain songs can definitely transport me back in time. Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty - my very first intense smoking hot love. Bon Jovi Livin on a Prayer -I'm on a bus on a drunken ski trip singing along with 40 other people. Just a couple of examples. :-) Like Meg, I don't usually listen to music while I write as it's distracting. There are exceptions. There's a sex scene in an upcomign release...well, never mind. Music can be so evocative.