Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Florida Bound

This November I'm headed to the sunshine state for the first time. Orlando to be exact. Anxiety over travelling (not the actual flying but not knowing exactly where I'm going) aside, I'm really, really excited.

Travelling isn't something I've had the opportunity to do a lot of, so a trip to sunny Florida, especially when we may or may not have snow up my way by then, is going to be fantastic. Already I'm envisioning fun-filled day trips, pool-side relaxation and lots of the fruity, umbrella-loaded drinks. Did I mention this is an adults-only trip? :)

We'll forget about the fact I'd like to wrap up my current wip and be at least halfway through my next one by the time mid November hits. Thinking about work leaves a lot less time to be thinking/researching for my upcoming trip. This is where you guys come in. I could search out all the must-see places on the net, but I'd much rather hear from people who've been there and know what is really worth seeing, what isn't worth the hype or any hidden gems I might not discover on my own.

So what do you think I should definitely check out while I'm in Orlando?


Ivelisse said...

I would say nothing and come to Miami and hang out with me haha but I can't since Orlando has so many cool things to see.
Medieval Times is awesome there. I LOVE LOVE SeaWorld and Disneyworld. I heard The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal is fantastic, my daughter went for her 5th grade trip and she said one of the rides scared her to death lol.

Meg Benjamin said...

No experience with the Orlando SeaWorld, but the one in San Antonio was always a favorite.

Jean P said...

Oh definitely see SeaWorld, Universal Studios and of course Disney World.

Cheryl McInnis said...

I loved The Wizarding World Of Harry's definitely a must-do for anyone who has read and enjoyed the books, even grown-ups. Just be prepared for long line-ups ;-)

Jen B. said...

Orlanda has a lot of stuff to do. Lots of expensive stuff to do. And be aware, the is at least one passing rain shower every day! It is so depressing! HAHAHA! My sister lives in Florida and we never run out of things to do while visiting. Ybor City is interesting and adult after 5 at night. They have tattoo parlors, hooka bars, loud music and a party atmosphere (plus a really cool used clothing store). We actually let a little after five because we had kids with us but I am told it's a good time! If you like beaches, Honeymoon Island Beach is supposed to be really nice. It's about 2 hours from Orlando. When are you visiting in November? I am sure there are all sorts of special events going on. It's around Thanksgiving and Christmas afterall! Have a great trip!

Kelly Jamieson said...

I've never been to Florida but can I just say - Whaaa! I'm jealous! Have a great time, you deserve it!