Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guest Blogger Barbara Meyers - The Forever Kind Of Guy Quiz

Is he A FOREVER KIND OF GUY? Take this quiz and find out.

1. Your car breaks down on the freeway. When you call your guy for help he:

A. Tells you to lock the doors, sit tight, he’s on his way

B. Suggests you call AAA for a tow and a ride home

C. Can’t be reached because he’s in jail for DUI. Again.

2. There’s a death in the family. Your guy:

A. Lets you cry on his shoulder while he makes all the travel arrangements so he can attend the services with you.

B. Calls your best friend so she can help you through this difficult time

C. Is annoyed with your tears and the interruption in his television viewing schedule.

3. You’re frantic because your purse was stolen with your wallet and cell phone inside. Your guy:

A. Consults his back-up list of credit card numbers, cell phone companies and driver’s license bureaus and helps you make the appropriate calls. (After he attempted to catch the thief at great peril to life and limb and called 911 when the guy got away.)

B. Is bent out of shape because you’d offered to pay for dinner. Again.

C. Watches the thief escape and says, “Wow, look at that guy go.”

4. You invite your guy home to meet your parents. He:

A. Arrives on time, appropriately dressed, with flowers for your mother and a bottle of 12-year-old Scotch for your dad.

B. Arrives 45 minutes late and slightly inebriated. Later passes out on your mother’s new sofa.

C. Doesn’t show up because he’s playing pick-up basketball at the park with his buddies and forgot.

5. You’ve discovered you’re pregnant. You’re ecstatic. When you share the news your guy:

A. Hugs you like he’ll never let go and says the timing couldn’t be better.

B. Buys another pregnancy test and suggests you repeat it because it could be a false positive.

C. Decides he needs his space and wants a paternity test before you see a dime of child support.

6. You receive two tickets to a performance of Swan Lake: Your guy:

A. Asks where you’d like to go to dinner before the performance.

B. Agrees to go with you if you’ll go to the Extreme Wrestling finals with him.

C. Apologizes for missing it but there’s a rerun of Law & Order on TV that night.

7. You ask him if your new outfit makes you look fat. He replies:

A. Everything you wear looks good on you

B. Not any fatter than usual

C. Yes. Especially your butt.

8. You have the flu and can barely lift your head from the pillow. Your guy:

A. Brings you tea and toast and fluffs your pillows for you

B. Refuses to come near you in case you’re contagious

C. Breaks up with you because he’s not good with sick chicks

9. In a sports bar, another man makes an inappropriate comment to you. Your guy:

A. Insists he either apologize to you or step outside

B. Doesn’t hear it because his team just scored

C. Says, “Good one, man.”

10. You’re short on cash until payday and need five dollars for gas money. Your guy:

A. Takes your car to the gas station and fills it up as a surprise. Then gives you cash so you can stop for coffee on your way in to work.

B. Grudgingly gives you $3 and makes you sign an IOU.

C. Wishes he could help you out but his unemployment check’s late.

11. The last time your guy brought you flowers was:

A. Last week. No occasion. Just because he knows you like them.

B. Last year. Because he forgot your anniversary and/or birthday.

C. Never. He thinks flowers are stupid and a waste of money. After all, they just die.

If your answers are mostly A’s, congratulations. You’ve found A Forever Kind of Guy who knows how to treat a lady.

If your answers are mostly B’s, you’ve got a lot of work to do. Unfortunately, this guy might be untrainable.

If you answered mostly C’s, get out now. It’s better to be alone than to be with this guy.

When not writing fiction, Dr. Seuss-like poetry or song lyrics, Barbara Meyers can be found at the local Starbucks culling story ideas from customers while masquerading behind a green apron as a shift supervisor. A native of Southwest Missouri, Meyers has called Southwest Florida home for more than thirty years. Her hobbies include tormenting her long-suffering husband, interfering in the lives of her grown children, sneaking into gated communities to walk her almost perfect dog, and long bicycle rides which function as both exercise and meditation time. A Forever Kind of Guy, the second in The Braddock Brotherhood series, is an October 2011 release from Samhain Publishing. Her other books include A Month From Miami and Not Quite Heaven. Previews available at www.barbmeyers.com


Juniper Bell said...

Welcome to the Naughty Nine, Barbara! Your cover is absolutely lovely. But of course my suspicious mind says -- hmm, that mostly A's guy could be a demented stalker trying to win me over before stealing my money, my heart and my self-respect. I guess that's a plotline for a different book. LOL. Best of luck with your release!

Barb Meyers said...

Thanks for the welcome! It may not look like it from the cover, but there's some steamy stuff going on between the covers in A Forever Kind of Guy.

Meg Benjamin said...

Hi Barbara, thanks for visiting. My DH is definitely a forever type--or maybe it's just that we've been together forever already!