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Guest Blogger Eden Bradley - A Dozen Reasons to read Eve Berlin aka Eden Bradley’s latest books

1) You like to have your boundaries pushed a bit. C’mon, you can admit it to us-we won’t tell! You enjoy that little nudge that takes you just a tad past your usual comfort zone, don’t you? A little kink, a little dirt, a lot of the forbidden. See? That didn’t hurt at all, did it?

2) Smokin’ hot dominant men. Dante De Matteo from DESIRE’S EDGE is tall, dark and bossy-and when he’s bossy, he really means business! Ever from EVERSONG is a thousand year old vampire, a sensual creature who’s as used to getting his own way as he is to the most delectable of decadent indulgences. But don't worry-you'll want to give these two whatever they demand of you. You'll probably beg for it. And they like it.

3) Hot vampire sex. It’s always more fun when it’s a blood sport!

4) Can we say Yay! for spanking? Over the knee, over Dante’s desk, on a spanking bench at the Pleasure Dome, and especially in the shower where the water on your skin causes that lovely extra sting. Oh-and we almost forgot that vampires spank, too. Plan on not sitting down for a week.

5) Aleron. One of our favorite vampires from THE SEEKING KISS and BLOODSONG, the first two books in the Midnight Playground series-we always love when he makes an appearance. It must be that French accent.

6) Kara Crawford. She’s the girl next door from DESIRE’S EDGE, Dante’s crush since high school. We love her because she’s mostly a good girl with some unusual fantasies. A hard worker, a good friend. A woman we can all relate to. Why is it always extra dirty when a good girl gets spanked?

7) The Vampire Council. We finally get to meet them in EVERSONG. Dane (already our fellow Smutketeer R.G. Alexander’s favorite), Ramsey, Bastien, the mysterious Storm…and yes, we do intend to write their stories, so more wickedly kinky vampires to come! Ha! We said ‘come’—and we meant it. *G*

8) The Pleasure Dome. We can’t seem to stop writing about this BDSM club in Seattle (or the Seattle of our imagination, anyway—although it is based on a blend of several real life clubs, including one in Seattle!). It all started with Alec and Dylan in PLEASURE’S EDGE, and in DESIRE’S EDGE Dante takes Kara there for a night or two of exotic and extreme sensual play. It will appear again in TEMPTATION’S EDGE, out next year. The Pleasure Dome has everything a good kink club needs: a dance floor, a dungeon room with every imaginable piece of equipment, and cozy little private rooms for when things get too hot to share with the other patrons. But sometimes, the heat stays right out on the main floor for everyone to see, and no one can look away…

9) Mercy and Deo. How could it have taken us so long to mention them? A pair of fledgling vampires that capture Ever’s attention—and maybe even his heart. They're young, exquisite, and because of the unique way they were both Turned, sweet in a way few vampires can be. We shed a few tears writing their story.

10) Alec Walker. We fell in love with him in PLEASURE’S EDGE, and although he makes only a brief appearance in DESIRE’S EDGE, we are SO happy to see him! The man makes us swoon. He makes us want to drop down to our knees and do anything he asks of us. ANYTHING. Excuse us while we take a cold shower.

11) Vampire sex. It’s rough and raw. Dirty and primal. They can do things, withstand things, we mere mortals can’t. And that’s what makes it so exciting! Luckily, we like to watch. ;)

12) Prizes! Because no blog post worth its salt (and what the heck does that mean, anyway?) goes without a good giveaway! To enter, just go to our websites: EdenBradley.com and EveBerlin.com, or visit our YouTube page, watch our book trailers and tell us which one is your favorite and why. One lucky winner will receive a copy of their choice of any one of the e-books in the Midnight Playground vampire series, plus a copy of their choice of any of the e-books in the Celestial Seductions contemporary series! You can visit the Eden Bradley site''s Books page to see what they're all about, or see them on Eden's Samhain page. We’ll be back tomorrow night to choose and announce the winner here in the comments section.

Meanwhile, to keep you entertained, how about a quick peek at both of these books:


Available now!


He was sitting behind his desk, handsome as hell in his black suit, his dark blue shirt striking against the golden-brown of his eyes. A slow smile lit his face, and he nodded at her.

“Take your coat off, Kara.”

No greeting. Just that simple command.

She loved it.

She slid her coat from her shoulders and laid it down on the brown leather sofa against one wall, set her purse next to it.

“Come here,” he said quietly.

He watched her as she crossed the room. She could feel her body heating up beneath his penetrating gaze. She licked her lips, approached his desk.

“You look great in these tight skirts you wear,” he told her, his tone all smoke and heat. “That sexy, business woman look. It suits you.” He stood, moved in closer, making her breath catch. “And it makes your ass look superb. But I want a better look.”

He wrapped his hands around her waist, turned her until her back was to him.

“Good,” he said, his tone low. “Now bend over and brace your hands on the desk.”

She found herself doing it, her mind emptying out at an alarming rate.

Don’t think. Can’t think now...

“Beautiful, Kara. Perfect. The curve of your ass in this skirt is...perfect.”

He moved in close behind her and slid his hand over her hip, then her bottom. She could feel the heat of him through the soft, fine wool of her skirt. She was going wet already, her sex a dark throbbing between her legs.

He leaned over her until his breath was warm on her cheek. He whispered, “Hold still for me now.”

One sharp spank and she gasped.

“Did I surprise you?” he asked her. “You should have known what I was going to do when I bent you over the desk.”

“There are still people in the office,” she said, her voice sounding small, barely a protest at all.

“Yes. But that only makes it more exciting.”

“I didn’t lock your office door behind me.”

“No one will come in. You have to trust me, Kara. Do you trust me?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

She did. She had to. She was helpless already against the onslaught of desire. Drowning in it.

* * *

EVERSONG~Eden Bradley

Available October 4th


“Deo. Mercy.”

Ever moved into the room, drawn to their twined, naked bodies on the big bed. They looked like some exquisite piece of art to him. A Canova sculpture. Just as lovely, with their sleek immortal skin. That divine contrast of light and dark. Except that they were all light, these two. As fresh and sweet as any mortal he’d ever come upon.

That was their magic. He’d been thinking about it all day. The fact that they were vampires yet had come to it without the hard edge most humans had when they decided to let go of their mortal lives. When they came to the Midnight Playground, yearning for the Turning Kiss, willing to do anything to be offered immortality. That innocent magic had awakened his senses—senses that had been deadening bit by bit these last months.

“Ever?” Mercy’s voice, as soft as she was.

“I am here.”

“Will you come to us?” Deo asked.

He could hear the desire in the young vampire’s tone, felt his cock harden simply knowing they wanted him.

He crossed the room, shedding his clothes. Naked, he stood over them, watching them. Mercy licked her full lower lip and his balls pulled tight.

“You are almost too lovely to bear,” he told them.

It was true. Mercy’s body was petite but with lush curves, her hips and breasts full. The ultimate in femininity. Her strawberry hair lay in long waves on the pillows, a lock draped over Deo’s arm around her narrow waist. Even the line of her back was exquisite as she lay in Deo’s arms. And her face…the delicate jaw, the plush pink mouth almost pornographic in her innocent face. Her eyes the lightest, glossy blue…

“Ever?” she asked again.

“I am only admiring you, little beauty,” he answered. “In all my centuries, with all I’ve seen, I almost cannot believe you are real. You’re like a fairy. Like the Ljósálf, the light elves, I knew of in my youth.”

“I’m real, Ever. Come to us. Find out how real I am. How real we can be together. Please.”


He moved in, leaned over them, and Deo drew him down with a strong hand, until Ever lay between them on the bed. Mercy pressed against his chest, her breasts a symphony of silken flesh. Except for her hard nipples. His cock filled.

Behind him, Deo was all sleek planes—muscle and flesh and a sprinkling of hair on his chest and belly. And below that, his cock pressing against him, thick and hard. Deo’s arm went around Ever, and Ever joined hands with him, their fingers lacing. Together, they stroked Mercy’s body, making her squirm, making her sigh with pleasure. He brushed her mouth with his, and her lips were so damn sweet, he could hardly stand it.

Must be inside her.

Mercy arched her hips, and he felt the hot press of her pussy against his cock. Her panting breath against his face.


“Open for me,” he commanded.

Mercy slid one leg over his hips, and with one quick thrust, he was inside her.

“Ah, you feel like heaven, little beauty. I am going to fuck you so hard.”

“Yes, Ever,” she gasped, her hot sheath tightening around him.

“And you will fuck me, Deo. Fuck my ass. Do it now.”

Deo shifted, his thick cock pressing, searching, until it finally slid between his ass cheeks. Ever let his body still, opened for Deo, who slipped the head of his cock inside him. There was that momentary burn, then Deo buried his cock deep.

“Ah, perfect,” Ever muttered as pleasure shimmered through him.

* * *

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Big, wet smooches to my dear friends here at the Naughty Nine for having us on today! (And yes, having two pen names does tend to make one a bit schizophrenic!).

Eden/Eve : )


Juniper Bell said...

My darling, fabulous Eden/Eve, as if I needed any more reasons to read your books!! But thanks for the extra enticement. Both these books sound SO GOOD!!!! I can't wait to dive in.

Eden Bradley said...

Thank you, Juniper! *smooches*

shadow_kohler said...

wow! these sound hot! thank you for sharing! ill be sure to get these! :)

Anonymous said...

Great Post

Leagh said...

Oh my....I am gonna have to invest in ALL of these books. I have not had the pleasure of indulging in either of these series but will have to very soon ;)

Great post!

leaghchristensen at yahoo dot com

Eden Bradley said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, everyone!

Harlie Reader said...

I must have Dante...just saying but I'm sure that Kara would mind. Eden's vamps are the best and Ever...***sigh***


Kelly Jamieson said...

All very excellent reasons to read Eden/Eve!! And there are probably even more! Thanks for guesting today at the Naughty Nine!

Erin Nicholas said...

Eve/ Eden!! Welcome! It's about time you stop by our blog, don't you think? :) So glad you're here and thank you for all those reasons to read... I could only come up with fifty of my own ;)

elaing8 said...

Those are fabulous reasons to read Eden/Eve books :)
Thanks for sharing that hot excerpt.
As for the trailers..hard decision..I like Desire's Edge,it had a sensual,hot feel to it.

daydrmzzz said...

I think my favorite video of yours is the your newest one where you read to us :) I love to be read to and you have suck a sweet voice I love to hear it.
I don't need any other reason to read either of your books other then you wrote it and I know it will be amazing!
Glad to see you here with NNN who are also some terrific women and outstanding authors whom I luv dearly :)

Iread2xs said...

So many books, so little time. If theres a contest count me in.keep on writting.
Iread2xs at yahoo.com

Iread2xs said...

Iread2xs at yahoo dot com
I read, you write, it's a perfect combo
Keep up the good work (both of you)

Eden Bradley said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone! Remember-to enter the contest you have to go take a peek at my book trailers and let me know which is your favorite! I'll be back to announce a winner this evening-and I'm in California, so I run a bit later than some of you. :)

Vanessa N. said...

It's hard t choose but I think my fav was the trailer for Desire's Edge. I just love how he's wanted her for so long and their fantasies are on the same page. It just makes the video that much hotter.


June M. said...

I love all the trailers! But I really love excerpts better. I am already a fan of Eden/Eve's books and can't wait to read more.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Eden Bradley said...

Time to announce the winner! Congrats to Vanessa N.!
Vanessa, just email me: eden_bradley@yahoo.com, letting me know which one of my Midnight Playground books and which one of my Celestial Seductions books you'd like to have, and I'll send your books to you ASAP.
Be sure to put 'Naughty Nine winner' in the subject line of your email, and also let me know if you have a preferred format.
Huge thanks to the Naughty Nine for letting me come out to play!
Eden/Eve :)

Anonymous said...

HI Eden your books sounds wonderful to read again!
Michelle Cobb