Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday 13: The Quotable Nine, Part 1

Most authors, like mothers, don't admit to having favorites. But the first book that gets published will always stand apart from the rest. For today's Thursday 13, we've collected some of our favorite lines from our first published books.

As a special treat, we've got a guest T13 today from author Heather Lire, whose first book comes out February 2013!
  1. A soothing touch made the memory vanish. Martin worked his fingers under her hair, massaging the bones at the back of her head. “That’s my girl. Anyone without painful memories isn’t worth spending time with.” (The Extremist, Juniper Bell)
  2. One-night stands were a lot like apple pie as far as Jaden Monroe was concerned. (No Matter What, Erin Nicholas)
  3. "I’d recommend that the next time a girl jumps out of a cake, you pay attention. It just might be someone you know." (Taking the Cake, Kate Davies)
  4. “I’m serious.” Abby smiled. “You want to get his attention? Nothing gets a guy hotter than a little girl on girl action.” (Love Me, Kelly Jamieson)
  5. Cal Toleffson saw the love of his life for the first time at 5:47 p.m. in the Dew Drop Inn, downtown Konigsburg, Texas. He wasn’t exactly dressed for the event. (Venus in Blue Jeans, Meg Benjamin)
  6. His hands stroked down the length of her back, wanting to remember all of it. The curve of her waist, the flare of her hips, the sweet weight of her as she lay on top of him, so warm and solid and real. How her head fit so perfectly, tucked beneath his chin. The way it felt––right now––as she moved her foot a little and it brushed against his calf. Oh, why couldn’t they just stop talking? And let him pretend for a little while longer, that she’d ever been his, or ever could be. (Scent of Roses, PG Forte)
  7. She stared after him, wondering if she would’ve had enough guts to ask him out for a beer if he wasn’t a cop and she wasn’t a witch. (Say You're Mine, Sydney Somers)
  8. He pressed her up against the wall, and tilted her face to meet his gaze head on. “This is how it starts. I can see the signs…the flutter of your pulse right here.” His finger trailed from her chin down to her neck, and Lara released a barely suppressed shiver. “Your eyes dilating in anticipation, excitement, and a slight hint of fear. You are, after all, putting your body and mind completely in my hands. Giving up your tightly-held control.” He wrapped his hand ever so gently around her neck, putting enough pressure for her to walk the edge between certain safety and the gray space of what if most submissives thrived on. (Maison Domine, Skylar Kade)
  9. “You’re very big.” Her voice sounded husky....“Fortunately, so am I.”  (Venus in Blue Jeans, Meg Benjamin)
  10. Her own eyes had been a smoky, warm, greenish gold; like the moss that grew in damp, secret hollows all along Domingo Creek.
    And her hair had been a streaky mass of yellow and brown. The same color as the grass along the cliffs there, late in summer, after it had been bleached and debauched and blown about by the sun and the wind.
    And when she smiled – but, no, he wouldn’t even think about that. He’d spent years forgetting her smile.  (Scent of Roses, PG Forte)
  11. His sharp cheekbones and strong chin, and the pale, thin scar scoring his left cheek from his ear almost to his mouth, gave him a look of menacing power. That disappearing smile, though, made him look like a fallen angel. A hulking, six-foot-six fallen angel who could change in five minutes in broad daylight—the mark of a powerful alpha wolf. (Kiss and Kin, Kinsey Holley)
  12. He knelt in front of her, cradling her face in his large hands. “All you have to do is let yourself go.” He kissed her, tasting her tentativeness and her desire, as potent as whiskey.  (Maison Domine, Skylar Kade)
  13. "Seeing as I haven't had a female dismiss quite like you did since I was fifteen, you have me intrigued and I'm curious enough to figure you out." Reaching the table he sat down across from her.
    Morgan gave him her best you have no clue smile, "Ever hear the one, curiosity killed the cat?"
    "Yes, but what knowledge did the cat gain before he died?"
    She laughed, "Have to say I never thought of it quite like that. So what do I have to do to get rid of you so, I can finish what I am working on?" (Second Chance at Forever, Heather Lire)


Jennifer Leeland said...

I enjoyed those excerpts. Great job. And Heather's looks fantastic.

Kelly Jamieson said...

Welcome Heather!! So exciting to see lines from your first book!

Heather said...

Thanks for having me!! I'm excited for it to come out.