Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Party!

It's a Halloween Party and the Naughty Nine have gotten dressed up to entertain you...

Okay, those aren't us. 

Moving on...these are our fantasy costumes we're wearing today, so you'll have to decide whose costume is whose. We will give you clues, however...

Here's a clue: this is not any of us either! It's just a random guest.

One lucky contestant (chosen at random) will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card. So, look through the pics and post your guesses below, or leave a comment with a link to YOUR fantasy costume. Or, if you want, do one or more of the Rafflecopter tasks for even more chances to win. Good luck and have fun!

Our first Naughty picked a very girly costume fit for a very girly girl...We wonder what shoes she'd wear with this? 

Next up, is this regal looking lady. She says her favorite part of the costume is the crown. 

We say: Yup, that's Just about Right...

This Naughty...oh, no wait. That's another guest. 

He's dressed as a Rugby Player. 

Can't you tell?

Here's our next Naughty. She's dressed for a day at the office. Do we really need to explain why? 

Hint: her new book is out this week! 

We're really not surprised that this Naughty came armed. It kinda goes with the territory, you know? When you see her coming, y'all better get Ready to Run!

Hmm. All that leather suggests it's time for another musical interlude...

Our next Naughty is dressed as Sailor Neptune. Who's a Pisces, in case you were wondering.
Yes, that would be our hint. What you're not sure which Naughty is our Pisces Girl?

This Naughty claims her Hillary Clinton meme costume requires minimal work on her part. We're guessing the "Drink" in question is Texas Hill Country wine!

This...sorry, did we say Texas? Let us introduce a few more guests. Hmm. There's nine of them. Maybe they'll ask us to dance...

Speaking of dancing, our next Naughty had this to say about her costume: "A little Steampunk and a lot sexy: I'd love to dress as a Burlesque dancer!We're pretty sure that's not her Only Hope..

This Naughty picked her costume to coordinate with her Halloween-set story.  (It's a very Ritualistic concept).

Our last Naughty might be dressed as one of her kick-ass heroines. 

We think she chose her costume simply for the boots...

Yeah, that's really all the hint you need. 

Enter via Rafflecopter or leave your comments, guesses, or costume links below!

Happy Halloween everyone!


Sydney Somers said...

Woot! Love Halloween parties. Is it wrong that I'm also looking forward to what treats my munchkins will be bringing home for me to dig into when they go to sleep? :)

elaing8 said...

Here are my costume guesses

1st-Kelly Jamieson
2nd-Erin Nicholas
3rd-Juniper Bell
4th-Kinsey Holley
5th-P.G Forte
6th-Meg Benjamin
7th-Skylar Kade
8th-Kate Davies
9th-Sydney Somers

Happy Halloween!!!

Phuong said...

Here are my guesses and thanks for Halloween contest

1. Kelly Jamieson
2. Erin Nicholas
3. Juniper Bell
4. Kinsey Holley
5. PG Forte
6. Meg Benjamin
7. Skylar Kade
8. Kate Davies
9. Sydney Somers

Kim B said...

1st - Kelly
2nd - Erin
3rd - Juniper
4th - Kinsey
5th - PG
6th - Meg
7th - Skylar
8th - Sydney
9th - Kate

I am going to be really embarassed if I got any of these wrong. :/

Kim B said...

OK - Switch Kate and Sydney. I saw the witch and thought Spellbound. Did a litte research, so switch that. ;)

June M. said...

So sorry I missed this! Looks like it would have been fun :)

elaing8 said...

Thank you :)
Were the guesses right?

PG Forte said...

Yep.the guesses were all right. ;) And I for one am impressed by how well our readers know us.