Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday 13: New Orleans Bound!

If you're in NOLA, watch out--the Naughty Nine are invading on October 19th! To get ourselves in the traveling mood, here are 13 things we can't wait for!
  1. Temperatures above 40 degrees! (Juniper Bell)
  2. Oysters at the Acme (Meg Benjamin)
  3. Snuggling with Kinsey! (Juniper Bell and Skylar Kade)
  4. Going on a cemetery/ghost tour (Kate Davies)
  5. Stocking up on the gris-gris (PG Forte, who else?)
  6. Seeing all the big ol' mansions (Erin Nicholas)
  7. Beignets and cafe au laits, AKA cheating on my diet (Juniper Bell)
  8. Continuing my search for the ultimate pecan praline (PG Forte)
  9. A hurricane at Pat O'Brien's--that's a drink, y'all, not the real thing please (Meg Benjamin)
    1. Yes and yes, although I'll take a Cyclone at Pat O'Briens--vodka, not rum (Kinsey Holley)
  10. The French Market (PG Forte)
  11. I'm half tempted to have my tarot cards read or something (Erin Nicholas)
  12. Beignets! Om nom nom... (Kate Davies)
  13. Skyping Sydney Somers, so we'll all be together! (everyone!)
Do you have any must-dos for our trip to NOLA? Please share!

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Drmgrl99 - Dawn said...

Hope you all have a blast snuggling to keep warm (hey I'm in Cali where it's still 85 degrees), eating lots of nom nom food, getting fortunes told, creating new reads, drinking those yummy drinks you can walk down the streets with, seeing all the amazing inspiring sites, and just plain old relaxing and enjoying each others company. xoxo