Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Very Special Thursday Thirteen!!!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog post for a very special announcement:

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It's Kelly Jamieson's birthday, y'all and you're all invited to her surprise party!

Our bartender seems to have gone AWOL, we're afraid, but let's start you off with some wine. White wine, obviously, because that's kinda one of our rules: No red wine for Kelly!

Why's that, you ask? Well, we'll never tell. What happens at ECWC, stays at ECWC.

Anyway, we can't see the label on that bottle but it should be Menage a Trois or, as we like to think of it, Kelly's wine. Yeah, you know why! Because it's made in California. Duh.

What's a party without guests...or presents...or guests bringing presents? Well, that'd just be us sitting around drinking wine. And since we're already going to be doing that this weekend in NOLA,we figured we'd invite some friends to come and celebrate with us today.

So Happy Birthday, Kelly! Now sit back, have a few more of those glazed pecans, and enjoy!

For sweet, innocent, and talented Kelly. On this special day, I'm sending you one of my finest to give you a...hand. Don't make him use that rope, unless you want to! XOXOX,  Viv Arend

Since our Kelly deserves the best, and I know how much she loves Santa Barbara, I'll gift her with a stay at the Santa Barbara Four Seasons, where she can lounge under the palm trees, get a massage and, if she's really brave, learn how to surf. And since they have a birthday special for four or more, she can invite us along! 

"I'd like to give her a nice long foot rub by a half-dressed man.," says Alanna Coca

Kelly deserves only the best, and Amedei is considered by many to be the finest chocolate in the world. So here's a gift box with one of each kind of chocolate they make!
...because a little spice is nice!

Okay, y'all, but I call dibs on chocolate shoes.
Meg Benjamin
Brand New Me, 2012 Holt Medallion
Long Time Gone, 2011 RT Reviewer's Choice Award

Here are some fun things I wish I could give Kelly. The shoes are gorgeous and I covet them too. 

The Queen of Tarts

Skylar Kade
Because life is too short to behave

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You’ve been banned from having birthdays
A new rule has been made
Signed, sealed and delivered
By the local Fire Brigade!
They say that all those candles
Would create such a blaze
They'd have to come and put it out
And stay around for days!

So, I guess you’ll have to party
Without the birthday cake,
Perhaps you should light one candle
Just for old time's sake,
Those firemen! So fit and strong,
Such handsome looking men -
Whose birthday is it ,anyway?
Let's light them all again!

Happy Birthday!

Tina Burns 


Total-E-Ntwined Limited
T/A Total-E-Bound Publishing

Just in case Kelly doesn't already have some serious bedroom boots... What? Doesn't everyone have a pair? ;)

Here's David, an EC Caveman I met at Romanticon. He's an absolute doll and he wants to wish Kelly a Happy Birthday!
Cassandra Carr 
"It’s a job. It’s not a hobby." -- Rosellen Brown

Two of Kelly's favorite things together:  A hot guy and chocolate! :)

where there’s magic, mayhem will surely follow.

First  is a locket I designed with her in mind. 

Next is a birthday explanation needed.

 Next something for cold nights...

And no Kelly birthday would be complete without some pumps - NNN style

Well, I guess it's up to me to be the practical one. I'd pick up some bondage rope (ooh, look! It's on sale!) at Good Vibrations so Kelly can research her next Shibari book. 

And then I'd find someone for her to practice on. Yeah, this guy will do...

What Daydrmzzz are made of... 
Happy Birthday to my dearest Kelly!! Since it's a special day I figured why not make a special day of it....

Breakfast in bed 

Once breakfast is done it's time for our day out at the track, I hope you like racing :)

Rick Day Pioneers 8 Pioneers by Rick Day

then dinner and drinks
Topless Barmen

And a night out so don't forget dancing shoes

oh and can't forget your spanking.

birthday spanking

Lots of love and I hope you have a wonderful day filled with fun, love, and lots of naughtiness.
xoxoxo - Dawn


Kelly Jamieson said...

OMG! \o/ What a surprise! This TOTALLY makes up for being all alone on my birthday! Although I *am* in New Orleans, which sorta helps, lol!

HEY there’s also another NNN who just had a birthday – KATE! Happy birthday to Kate, too!

You all are awesome and those gifts are just perfect – a cowboy (with rope!) from Viv, a trip to my favourite place from Juniper, and a sexy foot rub – that would perfect today after a day of sightseeing!

Lots of chocolate, men, and chocolate SHOES! My fav massage bar from Skylar, and a hot fireman – yes Tina, there are *ahem* a lot of candles on the cake!

Boots from Syd – yay! And Louboutins from Moira – you know me so well, already! And from Kim, that awesome necklace, and my very own hockey player and more shoes.
Thank you so much everyone, you all are awesome!! *smooches*

Phuong said...

Happy Birthday, Kelly!!! Hope you enjoy all your "virtual gifts". Lots of spankings and smooches :)

kog said...

Happy birthday Kelly!
Happy belated birthday to Kate too!

I hope you have an awesome day. I'm coveting a few of your presents, especially the hot guy and that rope. Yum.

Thanks for writing so many good books. You've given me hours of reading pleasure.

Juniper Bell said...

Happy Birthday, Kelly!! And Kate, don't worry, the birthday champagne will be flowing in New Orleans! Big love to you both!!!

elaing8 said...

Happy Birthday Kelly!!! I hope you're enjoying your day *cheers*

flchen1 said...

Happy, happy birthday, Kelly! Hope you're enjoying a day of celebrating you! :)

Eden Bradley-Eve Berlin said...

Happy, happy birthday, Kelly! Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Kelly Jamieson said...

Thank you everyone, and for the awesome birthday gifts from Dawn, who also knows me well *ahem*.
Love you all!