Friday, May 24, 2013

Flirty Friday - Jilted by Kelly Jamieson

Today's Flirty Friday entry comes courtesy of Kelly Jamieson's Jilted. Meet Josh! 

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Cold hands gripped Devon, a feeling of dread and abject fear. It had been so hard losing him last time. Thinking back to her months of utter misery, her insides tightened into painful knots. Now after just this one week together, she was going to lose him again.

But he wasn’t even hers to lose. What had possessed her to think she could do this without her feelings for him getting all stirred up again? She shouldn’t have come here.

But he’d poured the wine and now handed her a glass. She took it and watched him cross to turn on the fireplace, then sit on the couch, stretching one arm along the back and crossing one ankle over the other knee. He looked at her. Oh. He expected her to sit beside him. Her feet in her high heels felt glued to the floor, her legs stiff. But she managed to somehow walk toward him and sit down. She sipped the wine.

Then she took a deep breath and asked the question that had been burning inside her all evening. “Josh. How could you possibly think I thought you weren’t good enough?”

He tilted his head. “I knew the kind of life you wanted. You had your big investment banking career in a big downtown office. You wanted the clothes, the shoes, the dinners in fancy restaurants. I was just a firefighter from a small town who didn’t know anything about designer clothes and gourmet food.”

“You’re a firefighter,” she whispered, her throat tight. “You put your life on the line to save other people. You’re smart and brave and strong. You were like a…a…” Her throat closed up and she swallowed hard. “You were like a superhero to me. How could you think I thought something like that?” She really, really didn’t get it.

His eyes shadowed. “A superhero?”

She looked down, afraid of what he’d see if he looked into her eyes. “Of course,” she said. 
“Jeebus, Josh.”

“I’m not a superhero.”

She peeked up at him through her eyelashes. He shook his head, his eyebrows slanting down.

“I’m just a guy,” he continued. “A guy trying to do the right things. Trying to figure out what the right things are.”

Her heart swelled up so big she couldn’t breathe.

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