Thursday, May 16, 2013

#ThursdayThirteen: Potent Quotables

Egos, us? Never...
Today, we're offering up more of our favorite lines from our own works--this time, we invited some friends to tag along! Thanks for joining us Pauline, Lacie, Leah, and Shelli!

1. PG Forte: "He grabbed for the soap—as if hopelessly fucked was a feeling that could ever be scrubbed away." --Brennan in the shower, contemplating his relationship with Julie (Ashes of the Day) 

2. Meg Benjamin: He put his hands on her shoulders, staring down into her eyes. “I’m about two seconds away from doing you here against the door, and I don’t want our first time to be like that. Come upstairs with me.” His voice rasped against her like something she could touch. –Danny, the first time he makes love to Biddy (Medium Well)
3. Pauline Allan: He turned to stand, then stopped. He leaned against the door so she could hear him. “Tell me your safe word.” –Adam to Lily, who is locked behind the door of a garden shed (Gilded Lily)
4. Kelly Jamieson: "Now just leave me alone for a while," he said to her, his voice thick. "Geez, woman." – Josh, after he and Devon have “reunited”…several times…enthusiastically. (Jilted)
5. Juniper Bell: “Do you know what obsession is about, Merriman? It’s about the details. All these tiny little details that burn themselves into your brain until there’s no more fucking room for anything else. They left around ten thirty. I lost track of them in Earlton Yard.” (Beautiful Obsession)
6. Leah Braemel: D.C. didn’t need him here—he could work out of the Atlanta office, no problem.
Atlanta. Where there were no spitfires with bitable asses to tempt him. Maybe then he could avoid future cases of blue balls he’d constantly been dealing with lately. –Sam Watson thinking about his heroine Rosalinda Ramos (Personal Protection)

7. Sydney Somers: “Are you actually going to open the door or are you waiting for a ref to blow a whistle first?” --Hayley, the heroine of Busted, to Jackson (Busted)

8. Lacie J. Archer: "Right, that'd be bad ... Especially since we still have quite the audience, and voyeurism is a pricey add-on to my base rate." –Dane, the escort (Rock 'n Roll Seraphim)

9. Kate Davies: “Because…” She floundered for an answer, gaze darting around the cluttered office. “It wouldn’t be appropriate.”
He snorted a laugh. “God, I hope not.”
Tess stared at him, her brow furrowed. “Excuse me?”
“I can’t think of anything more depressing than an appropriate kiss. I want deep, hot, dirty kisses with you. And so much more.” –Tess and Jeremy, first kiss (Life of the Party)

10. Kinsey Holley: "What, now? Taran, you idiot, once you stick your tongue down my throat and grab my ass, you don’t get to play big brother any more. We’re not that kind of rednecks." –Lark, the heroine (Kiss and Kin)

11. Shelli Stevens: “Are you high? Because we’ve got a history—a pretty complex one where I made it clear I wanted nothing to do with you. And beyond that, I’m not for sale, dammit.” –Sarah Rawlings, heroine (Good Girl Gone Plaid)

12. Erin Nicholas: “Learning to have orgasms with you would be like learning to play chopsticks with Beethoven. She couldn’t find a man with more expertise.” (Just Like That)

13. Skylar Kade: He nipped her forefinger, zinging arousal to all her naughty bits, then stole her breath when he kissed her nose, her cheek. “Do you get a freckle every time you sass a Dom?”

An indelicate snort escaped her. “Sure. The freckles are a little-known Dominant Warning System saying ‘steer clear of the angry redhead!’” –Master Keilor and his soon-to-be-submissive, Tovia (Heat Up the Night)


S.D. Atkins said...

I needed the "indelicate snorts" this morning. Thanks so much for the snippets. They made my day.

Lacie J. Archer said...

Any time. :3

Kelly Jamieson said...

I love these!