Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: authors we love so much we'd buy in hardback

After the RT Convention, with all its talk about e-book pricing and its disparity (sometimes) from print pricing, we got to thinking about good old hardback books. That double-digit price point can look awfully unfriendly next to a $2.99 e-book. 

Nonetheless, there are some authors who would impel us to veer into that territory because we need to have their next book that badly. These are authors that may never be in hardback (or may never want to leave digital). But if they *did* go hardback (or their next e-book had a hardback price) and that was the fastest way to get their newest release, we'd buy it in a heartbeat.

1. Meg Benjamin: Jane Haddam (Meg says: She's also an autobuy for me--I love her stuff so much that I shell out for it.)

2. Erin Nicholas: Susan Elizabeth Philips

3. Skylar Kade: Kit Rocha (Skylar says: They do digital self-pub, but I'd shell out hardback money to get their next release.)

4. Juniper Bell: any YA series that my nieces and nephews are into at the moment (Juniper says: I don't think I'd spend that much on a book for myself!)

5. Sydney Somers: Nalini Singh (Sydney says: I love her books and she was awesome to meet in person.)

6. Kate Davies: Suzanne Brockmann (Skylar says: oooh me too!)

7. PG Forte: Jim Butcher's Dresden Files (PG says: My daughter's a fan of the series)

8. Meg Benjamin: Loretta Chase
9. Skylar Kade: Sylvia Day's Crossfire series

What author's next release would you be willing to buy for $16.99?


PG Forte said...

I wanna shop where you shop. The last hardback I looked at was $25.

Maia Strong said...

I'd buy Cherie Priest's next Clockwork Century novel for $16.99. In fact, that's probably what it'll cost--but it will be trade paper at that price. I don't think they release in hardback.